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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Meet the Help.

Most days lately I have been spending all my time at home, not wanting to leave my mother alone.

But truth is, I need a break on occasion, and luckily I have someone trustworthy that will sit with her two or three times a week.
Today was one of those days.
I got to spend a few uninterrupted hours at the studio, and can I just tell you, it was GRAND.

Tammy ( my apprentice before Lois) and Lois, were working on a 7x10 Walking on Sunshine rug.
L and I made two that size, one to Montana, and one to Oregon, but it doesn't make my neck feel real good, and makes my headache worse, so they are doing this 3rd one, which is actually Tammy's WEDDING PRESENT,  without me.
It's a BIG JOB.
Much to their dismay, I videotaped them at work, so you can see what a job a rug this big really is.

Don't they rock????   Really????

Oh, btw, Lois is NOT  a midget...but she is doing the side that I usually do, and I'm tall.  So in order to REACH the treadles, she is sitting on a tiny little stool.  It's awful to be short.

Right, Chica???
Happy Anniversary to Tammy and Shawn!!!


TexWisGirl said...

neat to watch the loom (and ladies) work!

Karen said...

What a beautiful rug!...

and strong ladies.

Country Gal said...

Lovely work ! I know all bout being short I am only 4"9 lol Papa is 6"1 I call us the jolly green giant and the little green sprout ha ha ! Thanks for sharing I enjoyed it . Hope your headaches subside and give you some relief !

Unknown said...

What a team!!!!( Including the videographer! AKA the Ring Leader!
Congrats Tammy & enjoy your rug!
I am so happy to have be a student of
yours Hilary! You gals make me smile!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Had to laugh when I saw L! She really does look like a midget sitting on her little stool!
I'm 5'2" but both of my kids ended up being tall...6' and over. Strange to look up at children you used to carry around on your hip and now you are little Mama to them!

Daryl said...

they are the bestest helpers ... even if L doesnt like cats ;)

messymimi said...

How amazing such work is to those of us who find anything harder than walking and talking at the same time to be complicated!

Being short is a pill -- i quit growing taller when i was 12, and it does make life more complicated.

Cupcake Murphy said...

They really do rock.

Rita said...

I am short on one end, too. ;) What a glorious rug!! Such good friends and workers they are--even if a bit shy. :)

Rain said...

Really enjoyed this video a lot !! Thank you for sharing some of your world!
Rain :)

Shine said...

What a treat! So cool to see the shop in action! Beautiful work and lucky Tammy!!

Janice said...

I've never seen a pegged loom work. I've actually never seen a pegged loom. That was so cool! I don't miss all the work it is warping looms. 20 years was long enough! I'm glad I'm a quilter now. Thanks for the videos, very impressive.

Anonymous said...

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Because every thread counts