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Saturday, August 10, 2013


Saturday at the studio.  Sometimes Saturdays are quiet.  Today wasn't.
But it was still good.
Lots of company.
Good friends, good conversation.

In between, I worked on my towels. Ah, yes, still addicted.

My bff came and worked on placemats.

 I think she was having fun.
Maybe she is making coats for her recently shorn goats and sheep.

The apple tree in the back yard is dropping huge apples by the dozens.  It smells like
vinegar, but Mr. Woodchuck is getting fat as a hog out there.
He ran off with a huge smashed apple in his mouth.....I bet he was taking it home to the kids.

I found some 10/2 variegated in my stash, and two of these towels are sold before they are even finished.

They are quite fetching, if I do say so myself.  And I do.

 The cloth storage system on the AVL is working like a charm, and I am PLEASED.

 In fact, the AVL itself is a joy to weave on, and it makes me very happy.
It's good to be happy.
Or as Phil says on Duck Dynasty which has to be about the happiest thing I've seen on TV in a long time........"happy, happy, happy."

Outside, the little black cat that has been sneaking around is looking to come up on the porch to eat, if he can sneak by Next, who is adamant that he not do it.

Um, I think it's safe now.
Geesh, Louise.  Put some shade on it.




TexWisGirl said...

a new next in the wings. :)

Country Girl said...

They really are fetching, those blue towels. Actually, the red are as well. Glad you had a good Saturday, Hilary. xo

claudia said...

Nice to have a day to be happy about.

Country Gal said...

Lovely colour of towels ! Nice photos ! Glad you had a good Sat . Thanks for sharing !

Dorene said...

Beautiful towels. I am new to weaving and have only done rugs to this point. I only have a two heddle loom.

I love your blog. So much information!


Lydia La La said...

Dear sad to read of your constant pain still. I'd try hanging upside down to get some relief when the brain moves down.. turn into a fruit bat! I do like your towels and your cats and your blog. Take care.xo

Hilary said...

The towels are gorgeous. The ones you sent me a while back are coming up here on my next trip back. I'm at the new place for two weeks then home for about that much time again.. then back.. and forth.. and so on. When I'm settled and more colour conscious, I'm ordering a rug for my kitchen. I can't wait.

Duck Dynasty. I don't know where I've been but I have only heard of it while I'm up here and I'm close to addicted. What a hoot. And I'm not surprised that you like it too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy and yet fun day. Blue towels rock! No wonder they sold before they were completed.

Karen said...

Oh if I could only convince the four dogs in this house that a cat is really ok and tolerable. I'd take that little black boy/girl in a heart beat.

Peg Cherre said...

As Queen of Looms and someone with a mighty big following, I just have to share that there is the most beautiful loom ever for sale not all that far from you. This is a loom that need a loving home.

Hope you're having a better day.

Avalanche Looms / Susan Johnson said...

Your new loom is amazing, and the towels are so beautiful.
I'll never get there with my weaving, even with my un-tampered brain, but I do appreciate your work. Ha, I've seen a lot of cat butts around my house, too. Must be the new thing for cats just chilling.

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Because every thread counts