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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Too much work

Yay......for grandsons who mow lawns.  That's what I'm sayin.

I am so not into mowing lawns anymore.....think I've mowed my quota for life.
I am still trying to come up with an idea for this area, something that involves not mowing it.

I  am so tired right now, I can barely keep my eyes open.
And I still have one granddaughter to put in the tub.

Summer is wonderful, but sometimes it is pretty exhausting.

My trumpet vine has its first blossoms.  I thought they were going to be red, but instead they are a pale peach.  I think the hummingbirds will love them, no matter what color they are.

I am looking forward to a week with less work.  I can always hope can't I??


Deb said...

I love the peach colour. If I had my way I'd only plant peach, apricot and white flowers. The retired-guy always spoils it by throwing in some other colours. He needs to get a job.
Well, I said good-bye to my two grand-kitties and the house seems so much quieter tonight. I have a question for you also spin wool & fibre? It seems to all go together.

Linda said...

You need sheep to mow!

Karen said...

Hmmm... I'm thinking, Hilary.... that YOU control how much work you will produce this week. You're at that stage in life where you get to dictate what you will and won't accomplish...The weaving and the housework can always wait... Just sayin :-)

As for the backyard lawn?... hmmm... would it bother you terribly to let it grow to hayfield length? We are going to do that with a big section of lawn that we have decided it's kind of ridiculous to keep mowing at the side of the house... We will mow a walking path around the border of it, but the entire center will just grow tall, like a hay field.

Two Guys and a Loom said...

My vote is to turn it into a meadow of sorts, one that only needs to be mowed once a year. Kill off the lawn this Fall, and then get ready to seed in the Spring!!!

Daryl said...

on West 72nd Street there's an arbor upon which tons of those grows .. so pretty and also pale peach in color.. tho I have seen some that are bright orange like day lilies

messymimi said...

Lawns are a pain, and i keep threatening to turn it all into a Japanese rock garden!

Suz T said...

what is it with trumpet vine? mine has never bloomed!

Hilary said...
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Peg Cherre said...

I'm for the hayfield/grassland area. We are at a great lack of them in the State, and in the Northeast, for that matter. There are plenty of birds & animals that really only like that kind of habitat, while we (people) have made either woods or lawn, very little scrub/transition area.

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Because every thread counts