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Monday, July 30, 2012

After the weekend.

After a weaving bootcamp weekend, and students today, I am beat.

I couldn't do this every weekend, I know that.  It is too intense, even though my style of teaching is pretty relaxed.
But still, it is good stuff.

Every time I have new weavers, I tell them that this is not "rocket science", and that no matter how how little they know, they will be weaving before they leave.
They are a little skeptical.

They are always pleasantly surprised.
Me?   I'm just glad I'm right.

I think one of the reasons that they are so successful, is that there are always small groups, usually 2-4.
And "hands on" is the order of the day.  They can read the book when they get home.

In addition to the satisfaction I get from creating new weavers, some of whom will weave the rest of their lives, I also get to meet some incredibly nice people.

Weaving, and teaching weaving, has changed my life in so many ways.

All of them good.

It's so simple, and yet so satisfying.

Some of the students who live locally, will be back to rent loom space, to weave more rugs.

L and I kind of like having company at the studio now and then.   It changes things up, and besides, we get tired of just looking at each other.

So what's next???
How about a little double binding???
In wacky, vibrant colors??

We have two huge totes full of wild and funky fabric to make these rugs with.  They are not "quick" rugs, though.  They make me slow down and pay attention.
Guess that's not a bad thing.

 I am taking TWO days off this week.  One to weave whatever I want, and the other to take to the road.
I think I've earned both of them.


Mark said...

I'm sure I'd be that one student who would let you down. Believe me.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

What incredible fun, I wish I could spend the weekend with you, and create one of those gorgeous craft items !

Country Girl said...

Oh, yes you have earned those days and then some, Hilary. What beautiful projects your students have created! So impressive.

Nancy said...

I love, love, love your rugs! The pink one and the blue one and....

I just wish I lived close enough to take a class!

messymimi said...

Love those wild fabrics! Enjoy your two days.

DJan said...

What great creations! They are very fortunate to being learning from you. And your pictures are outstanding!

Daryl said...

How fun to join you and L, to weave, to learn, to end up with something fabulous ...

Karen said...

Great job, ladies! Every piece is beautiful!

and Hilary, where do you find the energy?... you go girl.

Hilary said...

You have amazing energy and stamina. And your colour sense always makes me smile and swoon. I love the colours the woman chose for the rugs which appears in 8th and 9th photos also.

Anonymous said...

Your classes look like fun!

Bev said...

Oh, yeah, Hilary. That double bindweave rug is MY kinda rug with those colors! Love it.

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Because every thread counts