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Monday, May 30, 2011

Another blast of color.

I was at the studio today (surprise) and someone called to order some rug kits.  She said, "Oh, my, you're there on a holiday.  I was just going to leave a message."
Then someone else called with an order.
So in addition to making unexpected sales, which by the way are the very best kind, I got a lot of work done.
I finished the "BIG" rug, the three panels  just have to be seamed together, and then the rug will be on its way to Lake Michigan.

Then  L and I did some serious barn cleaning, in preparation for getting pellets delivered.
It is hard to think and plan for WINTER, but it is a necessary evil.  And it is one that I will feel better about when the pellets are safely tucked away.
We moved the "cutting station" outside.  My show canopy, which is out of commission since I hate doing shows, is right outside the barn, and that is where the jeans, and the socks, will be cut for the summer, and probably the fall.

I am pacing myself.   Accepting the responsibilities that I have, allowing myself the time and the energy that I need for them.  It is all about my perspective.  My state of mind.  My attitude.
Gratitude is the attitude.  Today, and every day.
I am working on this.  Not a finished product, but a work in progress.

I made some sun tea today.  I love this container.  Made the tea in it, put it in the fridge, and poured the tea right out of it.  I go to the dollar store, and buy all kinds of flavored teas to make iced tea with.  My inspiration is seeing a 6 pack of unsweetened ice tea in the grocery store for $6.89.
Really????????   Really????
Are ya' serious?

My new favorite tea is Coconut Mango.  To die for.  But not from the  dollar store, unfortunately.

It would still be cheaper than $6.89 to make a pitcher of iced coconut mango tea!!

I am coming up with a NEW kit.  Compliments of my mentor, Chris, over at Homestead Weaving
She has been bugging me for some time to do this.  I resisted, but now I see she had a good point.
I MADE the rug, and I LOVE IT.
What do you think???

I am working on the details of the kit as we speak.  But for those of you who do NOT have a loom, this is a great way to weave your own rug.  I just love the wild colors.  But you knew that.
I want to make a BIG one now.
Can't you just see it???
I just know I will never have enough time to weave all the things I want to weave.
But hey, it's such wicked fun trying.


TexWisGirl said...

glad to see you're having fun again. and getting orders too. woo hoo! and cleaning things out. gotta love getting stuff done.

Sojourner Design said...

Am wary of shows too. Ma Sheep and Woolcraft this weekend was a bust.

Also wary of food from dollar stores .


Sweetpea said...

I come by often for a visit but don't seem to comment much of late...but when I saw this rug I knew I HAD to stop and type you TWO THUMBS UP on its awesomeness! This is a terrific idea, Hilary!!

Deb said...

That is the brightest, cheeriest little rug ever. I love it and would proudly display it in my home. Very talented, you are. Give all those kitties of yours a hug for me. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Sharon said...

Gratitude is the attitude - I like that very much. As for the rug, I love the look but it looks eminently trippable at this stage.

Country Girl said...

It's a potholder rug! Hilary, I want to thank you for the tea inspiration. I cannot wait to try this flavor tea. And I need to find a container like this to make sun tea. Love the gratitude as an attitude, too. xo

Karen said...

Oh Hilary, I can totally SEE IT!! I think I want one!!... love that idea.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Those rugs are just sooooooo cool!

Gayle said...

Organizing produces a feeling of accomplishment---good for you.
Gratitude is an Attitude---definitely repeating that one over and over.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you have finally done it!!! Now I want one of those looms!!!

Love the rug and I agree, go big! What a great splash of summer!

claudia w said...

I'm liking what's going on there!
That rug is so colorful and beautiful. I love it!
Iced beverage of choice. Now I wish it was warm enough here to do it some justice.

Anonymous said...

The rug is so cheerful and bright, just the thing to beat the doldrums we are having because of all the rain here. Love the rug! Great idea!

sharon said...

cool rug, love the colors!

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Because every thread counts