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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The truth

I know, I know.
I said I wasn't going to work this weekend.
But I did. Today. Worked.
I was only going to do a couple of things, and one thing led to another.
From october

These were 2 rugs for an order.
I kind of like them.
What do you think of this one?
A little different.
From october

Then I fired up the branding iron,
From october

these are the 'thicker' variety of looper looms.
From october

I got thirty of them branded.
From october

And then packed them up with a metal hook, a crochet hook, directions, and loopers.
From october

I use the little white basket to measure them.
From october

I confess, I am lousy at this resting thing.
Miss Puss tried to advise me.
Give me a couple of pointers.
From october

But who listens to a cat that scratches you?

And besides, one of my favorite lines is:
"After all, tomorrow is another day."
Do you know where it is from?
I will try to do better tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hilary, And the answer is!! Margaret Mitchell wrote that line and Scarlett O'Hara delivered it in the movie 'Gone with the wind'.... do i win a prize for getting the answer first??!! Miss Puss, that laid back cat, can teach us all a thing or two. Lois

claudia said...

I'm with Miss Puss.
I love those rugs you did for the order. The color is great!
The other rug you did is fun. Love those colors too!
I am still trying to get myself a little tapestry loom. Someone keeps outbidding me on eBay. I think I may just give that up and find a book that tells me how to make my own. They look fairly simple.
Keep trying to get that rest. You do need to give yourself a break!

Delighted Hands said...

What you are doing is not work, it is living the life you have chosen for yourself. It is good and enjoyable and doesn't have to be approved by qny but you...

Karen said...

For some reason that line seems to come from an old TV show.. maybe a soap?...

Hilary if I'de known I was pretty close to your neck of the woods yesterday I would have dropped in for a jeans rug. I'm still dreaming of them, you know. Actually I finally have a spot for it.. just have to measure and get back to you.

Catherine Veleker said...

I predict you are going to sell a zillion of these things before Christmas. I adore mine and when I run out of loopers I'm going to use it to make little tapestry sort of wallhangy things.

Country Girl said...

Your work probably makes you feel more fulfilled. What's wrong with that, really? Other than your free time being gone with the wind . . .
Free time isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts