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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A bit of this, and a bit of that

Wow, Mom, are these the NEW Hip to Be Square Looper Looms??

From october

As you know, the first looper looms were made with finishing nails. It works fine, but after seeing one made with cotter pins, I was sold. They are just nicer.
So the New and Improved version is here, and I have barely begun to market them.
This marketing venture is not all it is cracked up to be, let me tell you.
I spent several hours this afternoon packing the kits up.
The supervisors were ON THE JOB.
There is no getting away from these two.
From october

And you can even see my dyeing project out in the driveway....or as my husband calls it, shanty town.
From october

My granddaughter didn't feel well this morning, so she couldn't go to kindergarten. So she came to the studio. At one point while she was playing Sesame Street, or Nick, Jr online, I had to interrupt her to print out UPS labels. While I was doing it, she asked,"Oh, is that your PRINTER?"
From october

I should have known.
Later, when I was done packing kits up, I walked into the kitchen and met her, she had a STACK of printed out Halloween games from Nick Jr.
My face must have shown that I was surprised.
For a moment, she looked like she was going to cry.
I bent down quickly and gave her a big hug, "Wow, you printed those all by yourself?"

(privately I was thinking, there goes all those ink cartridges I just bought)

The moral of the story is never underestimate a 5 year old.

Did you know that McDonald's french fries have the ability, when hot, of tasting like REAL food, but when they are cold, they taste kind of like cardboard, or at least how I imagine cardboard to taste.
Of course, I only had them so I could encourage her to eat something. I kind of had to, right?

Good news, momma kitty was seen scurrying around the loft of the barn, when I went up there today. So she knows how to stay dry, and reasonably safe.

Is baseball every going to be over? Just askin'.
What??? Oh, yeah, there are always crime shows.
One night, I would like to sit and read with the television OFF. Wouldn't that be sweet???
Just sayin'.

The weather this weekend is going to be beautiful, if you can believe the weatherman. I have to get a few things done, but mostly, I need a break. I need to NOT WORK. Get it? Nada. Not. Nothing. Zero. Zip. NO WORK.
Can I do it?


Pretty Zesty said...

They are so cute! Love cats.

ps check out my giveaway!

Country Girl said...

I, for one, am hoping that you can accomplish this feat.

In fact, I feel that if you really want to, you will. Not work, that is!

Anonymous said...

You are so right about children and never underestimating them. My granddaughter is now 8 and has been playing on the computer since age 2 or 3. Amazing the things she knows how to do on it... but her Mommy and Daddy do not allow her on the internet, in fact she's blocked from everything except e-mail. I don't even send her links to anything because it's simply a no no.

claudia said...

You can...NOT work. Just don't do it. Really, relax, put your feet up set a while.
Love five year olds! Perfect response Grandma. I always loved that feeling I got from my Grandma when I did something like that...of course, back then it wasn't printing out anything. Cute cute!

Catherine said...

Oh the Yankees and NCIS--right there with ya. I try to remember to be grateful that at least I know where this husband is. :-}

Nancy said...

I hope you can take a break. Weather here is lovely and Mr. B and I took a tour of orchards and farm stores. I've been obsessed with the house so it was good to get out. It does seem like baseball will never end. And then it's football and hockey and on and on. Yes, as Catherine says, we know where our husbands are. If only they wore headphones and we didn't have to hear all the games!

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Because every thread counts