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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mini vacay

I have a confession to make.
Not only did I take Saturday off.....when I went to Middlebury.
But I also took Sunday off, to go to Boston.
Two days OFF. NO WORK. Two days of RECREATION.
I know. Hard to believe.
But true.
We went to Boston to see a Red Sox game. My husband had two tickets gifted to him. They were great seats, with one huge exception; they were in full sun. And it was over 90 degrees.
Now I knew there was no way that either one of us was going to last for an hour in that heat. We had tried it before, same scenario, same seats. Last summer. We ended up going inside, watching the game on a monitor, and leaving half way through.
So I said to DH, 'we can't do this. Give me those tickets.'
He didn't believe me when I said I was going to find someone who had seats in the shade, and trade with them.
Oh, he believed I would ask.....he just didn't think anyone would take the bait.
Thank goodness he was wrong.
I knew there had to be someone who would do it to be in the 5th row.
And there was.
See the guy in the white shirt??? He initially said no, but the kid with him, to the left of him in the red shirt, desperately wanted to be that close to the he agreed.
From studio

They were checking the tickets, and moments later sat down. Two $125 tickets, in the sun, for two $47 tickets, in the shade.
Worked for me.
And DH.
And coincidentally, it was the 600th sold out game for the Red Sox, so in celebration of that fact, they threw 600 commemorative balls out into the crowds.
And as luck would have it, the kid in the red shirt caught one.
From studio

Twas meant to be.
I'm sure he thought so.
Any Red Sox fans out there?
Big Papi.
From studio

From studio

AiD-RIAN. (in Rocky Balboa's voice)
From studio

DH found a hotel on Priceline. They just didn't tell him that it was straddling the Mass Turnpike.
From studio

It was actually OK, with a couple of exceptions.
But the view was awesome.
We were 10 miles outside of Boston.
From studio

The sun was just going down.
From studio

We had a lovely dinner at an Italian restaurant called Bertucci's, which we walked to.
From studio

And that my friends, concludes my 'weekend off '.......
From studio

Today it was back to business, but I must say, though I am not used to taking two days off in a row, it was pretty nice. Really OK.


LA said...

*****applause*****You deserve a weekend with your hubby doing what you enjoy!!!!

Gayle said...

Love the hotel issue. Great trade on the tickets and the photo of the church is beautiful

Karen said...

You need to do that WAYYYY more often.

Umm.. Go YANKEES!!!... sorry.

Anonymous said...

Great vacay and so glad you ended up in the shade. You would both be totally miserable with sunburns otherwise. I've never been to Boston, just another thing to put on my bucket list.


ladyoftheloom said...

Sounds like it was fun. And what a tidy trade on those tickets!

Sorry but I gotta say Go Nats.

Theresa said...

What a perfect day. Glad you two got out of the sun and one of those balls ended up with someone who will enjoy it! I've eaten at Bertucci's! They have one out by Beverly.

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

An excellent experience. Glad you found your shade! And, wow, how lucky for that boy!

Hilary said...

Nice! You got your shady spot and probably made that kid's day. I love Boston and would love to return there sometime.

Anonymous said...

Bertucci's rocks. I did my student teaching about 1/2 mile from your funny hotel!

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Because every thread counts