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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good Gawd.

Some time back, I told a story about my Dad. He had taken me to an auction at a lakeside hotel in Vermont. You can read about it here.
Today, driving to Middlebury, I happened to drive right by the house, which is now an antique store. I pulled over, leaned out the window, and took this picture.

From studio

The elderly lady on the porch was waving to me, and I leaned further out the window to explain why I was taking the picture of her house. But I don't think she could hear me, so I pulled over into her drive, and got out.
When I saw the porch up close, I realized that my own porch creation reminded me of this one.
From studio

The owner, who is 81 years young, was happy to give us the tour, starting with her upside down tomato plant.
From studio

The inside of her shop, which covered the entire downstairs of this old house, was somewhat overwhelming. So much glass.
From studio

She knew every piece.
From studio

She had some lovely pieces of furniture.
From studio

And more glass.
From studio

I can't imagine how long it took her to assemble all this.
From studio

But she was obviously quite proud of her collections.
From studio

This is the view from the front door, of Lake Hortonia. It was down this dirt road that I walked so many years ago. She told me that the hall where they had the square dances was torn down not long ago.
From studio

But I digress.
The reason for my trip was to take rugs to a brand new shop in Middlebury, Vt, called the Vermont Yarn, Bead and Gift Emporium, on Exchange Street. You can visit them on Facebook here.
They have a marvelous space.
From studio

Tons of yarn.
From studio

Sensory overload.
From studio

Beading supplies.
From studio

From studio

They have so much to look at.
From studio

And because I am keeping this REAL, and not giving myself any tiny little space to sneak out (as if I would fit), I am including this photo of me that my friend Alice took of me today. I know she is my friend, and she loves me fat or otherwise. She didn't take it to remind me that I need this diet. But looking at the picture made me all the more committed to losing this 25lbs. Or was it 30?
From studio

So thanks, Alice. It was a great day.
(Good Gawd, look at that spare tire!)


Karen said...

I'm trying to get rid of that same darn spare tire. *sigh* It ain't easy.

LA said...

What a great trip!

Nancy said...

You are beautiful, just the way you are.

What a sweet lady with all of her glass. Loved the yarn shop. Color is my thing, and it had plenty of that.

Snappy Di said...

You and I are both in the same weight boat together... Let's hope we can oar this boat and not sink it! LOL

So, if you and Karen and I each have a spare tire, we only need one more and we can put them on the same car and drive out of 'Fat Land' together!

Hope your WW is going well!!

Hilary said...

Thanks for the tour... the owner looks so much like my long-departed great-aunt Sarah. And you look lovely - just as Nancy said

Gayle said...

Over thinking as usual but isn't a spare tire in a car a good thing? sigh.
The antique house was splendid. And what a capable hostess.

bspinner said...

What a great day to be out and about. Antique , yarn and bead shop doesn't get any better. Good for you!!!

suesd said...

What spare tire????

ladyoftheloom said...

Wow, my daughter said that you could be my sister "down to the Romika sandals".

i love that antique shop but alas I live in VA.

Karen said...

nice to put a name to the face :-) enjoyed your post, wish we had a shop like that around here.

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Because every thread counts