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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Drawing the line.

Nothing like a 6 year old to reaffirm one's age.
Holy moly.
Here's my tale of woe.
I can claim being tired, oh yes, I can.
I had this tattered rug that needed to be taken apart, and rewoven on a brand new warp. A bright white warp.
So I did it, put the bright white on the loom, took the rug apart, and wove it anew. With one slight problem. When I put the finishing header on the rug, I grabbed the wrong shuttle, and it was OFF WHITE.
When I put it down on the floor, it jumped out at me. I stood there and looked at it for a couple of minutes, sighed deeply, picked it up, and cut the header off, and tore the rug apart, again.
I wove it again, this time I made sure there was only ONE shuttle near the loom.
From studio

I will mail it out tomorrow, only a day off schedule.
And what is in the air???? Everyone is getting out old, raggy rugs, and they want them rewoven.
Don't get me wrong, I love old rugs, but they can be a challenge.
From studio

Taking them apart is tedious.
Old rugs like this one are made of very narrow strips of fabric.
From studio

But after all the work, their charm is unmistakable.
From studio

After Sydney showed up in the barn, last September, my husband said "you have to draw the line."
Of course, I am not entirely sure where the line is, and I am not sure I am so inclined.
This little one doesn't understand about lines. He is not feral, but he is sure scared.
From studio

When I saw him/her eating bugs off the walk, I decided some food was in order.
It seemed to hit the spot.

I loved all the names you left in your comments for the potholder loom.
I do have ONE prototype that I have been playing with, with 2 dozen in the works.

From studio

That being said, I am going to push the drawing up to Saturday, to give more people a chance to leave a comment.
But I am going to tell you, weaving on it is somewhat addictive. But you knew I'd say that, didn't you?


Anonymous said...

Yawn,Hilary, you are burning the candle at both ends. You were at the Studio when i went by at 9:15 and your just posting after 9pm. I am guessing that you just can stop weaving on the Mini-Weaver! just like a big kid, Lois

Sharon said...

Oh, thank you so much for not drawing a line and for feeding Sydney. I was a meeting today and we spent the first part talking about abandoned animals, which is so off topic since were supposed to approve construction plans. I marvel at Ian's and my pets, unloved and abandoned by others. Sorry - I almost got on a soap box there.

Karen said...

LOVE that rug on the porch! And also love that you feed shy cats in need.

Unknown said...

Love your rugs! I am so glad you are feeding the cat, we have 5 dogs, 4 are rescue. There are so many cats in need, I wish I could have them too but I am very allergic to cats.

Delighted Hands said...

Ha, who woulda thought you could REweave an old rug. Cool. I am presently stray free right now....first time in 10 months.

Anonymous said...

When you re-weave do you wash the rug before you rip it apart or do you wash the weft before weaving.

The kitty is adorable and I love the fact that you make room for those in need of a good home. We have a full house of kitties too and I count myself lucky that only one of them seems interested in the loom when I have it set up.

Hilary said...

You're a good cat-mom.. thanks for that.

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Because every thread counts