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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Never too old for new things

This little hutch I bought at a garage sale not long ago, has turned into a perfect spot for my electric winder. My friend, Chris Gustin , told me several times that I needed one of these. I resisted. But finally, I gave it up, and bought one.
Wow. What an incredible tool.
Like I said, I am still into 8 harness pinwheel towels, so I needed to wind 32 spools in white and green.
This little item, another suggestion from friend and mentor, Chris, is another life savior. You can buy it in Walmart, but I ordered mine from Amazon, as I am no fan of Walmart.
It is called a Shakespeare line counter, and you can find it in the fishing section.
It counts in feet, so you just have to remember to times it by 3. But for about $15, it is a steal. No more wondering how many yards you have wound on.
Unfortunately, my tension box doesn't fit on the back of the Baby Wolf, but this stool from the kitchen works like a charm.

Can you see the inspector over there in the chair??? I love the symmetry of the wound spools all the same size!!!!
Miracles never cease.

Well, you asked to see the finished scarves. So I had to have a model.
There are PERKS to having your 84 gonna be 85 in 2 weeks mother living with you.
So here is the somewhat flimsy, colorful scarf with the lousy selvedges. I guess I will have to wear this one. Not happy with it.
Ooh, but this one, I like. Silky, yet substantial. Long enough to be stylish. This one in light beige.
(click on pics to see them better)
You can see my model is enjoying herself.
This one is the blush/salmon/beige......not sure what to call it.
And the last one in taupe.

It has been a different week. No rug weaving. Nothing strenuous. I guess sometimes slowing down can be a good thing. I have been weaving things that I wouldn't normally take time for. And other than the back twinges, I have been thoroughly enjoying myself.
And who knows, I might have opened up a new career for my mother.
Ay yi yi.


T said...

You do such beautiful work! I would love to learn to weave - scarves are never long enough for my taste.

Sharon said...

The scarves are lovely but they are upstaged by your mother. She is an absolute pip and clearly loving every minute of it. I thought she was holding a cigar in the last image and had to click for big to be sure. Nice job - both of youse.

India said...

Nice scarfs and a beautiful model. We need more elderly women to set exampel in this world.

Gail said...

Beautiful scarves on a beautiful lady.

You got me confused. I do not think I could ever master your talents.

Delighted Hands said...

The scarves are gorgeous and made more beautiful by the joy on your Mom's face as she models! See, it is good to slow down and try a rabbit trail-this one is a successful venture.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Your model is fantastic! And your solution the warping problem of the tension box not fitting is ingenious. You is One Smart Cookie!

chris said...

Glad you were able to construct a work-around for your tension box! Positively ingenious.
Your beige scarves are delicious and your mom makes a great model ... I should look so beautiful at her age (but YOU probably will!) ...


Bless her heart she looks like she was having a blast, but she doesn't look 82 my God I want to look that great at that age! The scarves are just beautiful, I especially loved the salmon but also because it look great with your mom's complexion. Have a great weekend!

Morgan said...

Whoa! Look at you Nan... looking good. The hot pink looks good one you! : ) Love you...

Morgan said...

Looks good ON you ... : )

Daryl said...

What a wonderful model she is .. I am loving the fushia

Anna M. Branner said...

Thanks so much for all the sectional warping process pictures! I have been buying a piece of the required equipment here and there....think a tension box from Santa this year...Not sure I have the space to warp that way but really want to try it. Love the scarves and I agree your model looks 70, tops! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your mom is so stinkin' cute. You are paying her for her modeling expertise aren't you? *giggles* The scarves are sooo nice. Looks like the more you do the better color combinations you come up with. Great job!

The Blue Ridge Gal
Just Vignettes

Country Girl said...

I think it's just wonderful that you used your mom for a model for the scarves. Love the taupe and the beige ones. Gorgeous!

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Because every thread counts