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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Luck and intimidation

Usually DH and I go to breakfast either on Saturday, or Sunday. We went today, and then caught a couple of garage sales early. I had to be at the studio for a student, but we did manage to do three of them.
I looked at this hutch, and then walked away from it. But a couple of hours later, I was wishing I had bought it, so I called home, and said, "Can you go get that for me?"
When he got there, a lady was looking at it, then went to her car, to get her husband. While she was getting a second opinion, my husband bought it.
It is very heavy and well put together.......both pieces for $35. Can you beat that???
I am quite pleased with it.
If I were motivated, I could paint it, but I don't think I am.

My student was very intimidated by the whole process of warping a loom. Lots of people are. I tell them all, "this is not rocket science."
I hate it when the teacher scares the student half to death, to prove how much they know, and how smart they are.
I want it to be fun. I want you to love weaving even a smidgen of how much I love it. I want you to be engaged, and enthralled, and excited.
I don't want to intimidate anyone. I want to take the mystery out of it, so more people want to be weavers.
If I can, I want to be responsible for creating more weavers in this world.

Threading the loom takes concentration, and a commitment of time. It is drudge work, and something that you just have to give yourself up to.
But when the warp is beamed on, and you are actually weaving for the first time ever, on a warp you wound, and put on yourself, it is SO worth it.

Once I have set the student to a task, and I am comfortable with their progress, I amuse myself on the nearest loom.

I am not sure what you would call this, I kind of made it up as I went along, but it makes a thick and beautiful rug.
I have a few rolls of this red, so I am using them up.
I love digging through the attic, finding fabric I forgot that I had.
I am sore all over today. I went to the Y every day this week, according to my plan (and my promise to myself).
I swam, I biked, I worked out on the Fit Lynx machines, I walked on the treadmill. Not all in one day! Good Lord!!!
I am trying to make it a part of my life, either in the morning, before I go to the studio, or on the way home, Monday through Friday.
Weekends are open.
I don't want it to feel like something I do on occasion, rather something that is an integral part of my day.
I try not to be intimidated by the younger, thinner, "in shape", women that are working out there. I know I can't undo time, or be someone that I'm not.
But hopefully, I can refrain from going down the cardiac corridor that my parents have walked down.
Maybe it isn't too late.


Life Looms Large said...

Great deal on the hutch!! It looks beautiful! (You don't have to paint it this year....maybe some long winter you'll decide that it's time!)

I'm totally positive you've inspired many a weaver....both through your teaching, your weaving and your blog!

Good for you for starting such a good pattern at the Y! There's the 21 days to make a habit school of thought....and I think it might take a couple of months before your body starts making all those endorphins which are the real reason runners and such keep at it I think! (At least that's the case for me!)

Weave on!

Anonymous said...

I just ooh and aah over your creations. To create this kind of beauty is such a talent. I'd love to try but just not sure I would have the patience for it, although I used to needlepoint and that was pretty tedious too.


Kim said...

I love to teach for the "AHA" moments of my students.... what a great payoff, to see the same passion in me blooming in another person! I don't understand some people's need for that superior feeling or whatever either. I love the rug too... and the digging around for old stuff that can still be used and loved. I am a simple person!

Delighted Hands said...

I love the 'aha' moment as a student! I thought the red rug was knitted item-you have copied the look of the purl side of stockinette knitting! Very pretty. Your student looks totally enamored-congrats on the new convert!!

Country Girl said...

It is NOT too late! Your body will thank you for doing this on a daily basis. (And so will your mind, eventually).
That red rug is just lovely, Hilary. I always admire your creations and liked that you posted one of your students. She looks happy learning this new thing.

Country Girl said...

Oh, and PS ~ Excellent buy on that little cupboard!

Nancy said...

Good for you, on the exercise front. I'm doing the same thing. It is really a must by the time you are mid-life. Move it or lose it.

I wish you lived nearby so I could take a lesson. It looks so grounding. I appreciate your attitude on making it fun, and not overly difficult.

Lori said...

How exciting to find these at a garage sale. I love garage sales...especially when I can find good deal like this.

I think it's really neat that you are patient and willing to teach your craft to others and to have fun while doing it.

Congrats on the exercising all week. I normally do work out every day but can't right now. I know how good I feel when it is a habit in my life...I have so much more energy and feel so much better about myself and life in general. Keep up the great effort!

Hilary said...

What a great garage sale find. It's a beauty. And good for you for encouraging your students and for looking out for your health. Two admirable qualities. :)

Sharon said...

I love the expression on your student's face. Mission accomplished!!

Welcome to my world.

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Because every thread counts