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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Got jeans?

As I was driving to the studio this morning, I happened to see this corn field. I wanted to walk down through it. But I just pulled over and took some pictures instead.
I so love this time of year. Haven't turned the heat on, but it is just around the corner. You can always count this part of the country for cold weather. It is inevitable. What is coming makes these lovely days of fall that much more precious.

Blue jean rugs were the order of the day today. Just yesterday, I sold the last two I had in the shop. I figured I should have at least two for the fiber show this weekend.
I read somewhere that you shouldn't take pictures with shadows right in the middle of them.
As you can see, I didn't pay that much attention.

Blue jeans are time consuming to prep, but the rugs are great; they wear like iron.
I quite often get blue jeans from people who want me to make them a rug out of their OWN old jeans, or jeans that belonged to their kids, or husband, you get the drift........
I had a dentist appointment this morning, early.
I couldn't help but notice a poster on the wall. It was "21 Suggestions for Success" by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

All the advice was good advice, and each suggestion was certainly food for thought.
But the first one stopped me cold.
It said: Marry the right person. This one decision will determine 90% of your happiness or misery.
I think that someone could have told me this, say, 30-40 years ago.......what WAS I thinking?
Well, if it is any consolation, I did figure it out eventually.
I guess I needed to do it my way, eh?
Don't ya just hate to hear that????
Yet it is so true.
But who can tell you when you are young and foolish, that you really ought to marry YOUR BEST FRIEND.
Yeah, imagine that bit of advice.
Anyway, MY best friend took me downtown tonight, to see what was going on .......big doings in a small town, you know the drill, I bet.
And we went to this wonderful new bakery, called The Chocolate Mill.

Need I say more?


LA said...

I, too, was blessed to marry "my best friend" the second time around. But, as I look back on my life, I realize that without that FIRST marriage, I wouldn't have my daughter and my son! They are such a joy to me!
I love the rugs! It's time to dig into my jean stash and get to weaving! Thanks for the post.

Delighted Hands said...

Thr rugs are beautiful-who cares about the shadow-it adds a nice contrast to the photo! The chocolate is torturous to view........

Hilary said...

Look at those goodies.. I'll be anyone's best friend for that! ;)

Lovely photos all around.

Anonymous said...

I, too, married the wrong guy the first time, and I decided after that that people in their late teens and twenties should only be allowed a "starter marriage" like one often gets a starter home the first time. And if you stayed together, great and if not you could just yell "Do over" at some point and get out of it easy.

I married my best friend the second time and never looked back.

Was that a form of tiramisu?
Jaimie in Evanston

Anonymous said...

Oh Lordy! What's that in the dish???? Looks so yummy!! Was it yours or your best friend's??

Hee hee

Hilary said...

That was tiramisu, and I think it might have been the best I ever had.........and this was mine, all mine!!!

Theresa said...

Oh gosh, I just can't stop drooling over all those goodies in the case.
The rugs look great. I'm sure they will fly out of the booth at the show this weekend.
Good advice!

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Because every thread counts