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Friday, August 14, 2009

Good day for swimming.

It took us, Tammy and I, six hours to process the first bale of selvedge. My calculations about how much this was costing me are changing by the minute. There was a lot more waste in this bale than I expected, and I wasn't happy.
But we got some fantastic colors out of it, and I will be weaving a bunch more rugs like this one soon.
After sorting selvedge in a hot barn, it was pool time.

Sometimes, my buddy Eddie swims more than he should. He is kind of like me in the respect that he doesn't acknowledge his advancing age.
Here he had already swum laps and laps, and he was very tired. But he wasn't really sure that he was done with the pool for the day.

He got a little closer to the edge, and then apparently he thought........
Oh, what the heck.

He may love the jump as much as he loves the water, we're not really sure about that.
And he does the crawl like a pro, but only clockwise. If you try to head him in the other direction, he just makes a U turn, and goes back the direction that he likes best.
I LOVE this boy. I really do.
We joke sometimes, DH and I, saying that we will both need counseling if/when anything happens to him.
But look at that face. Wouldn't anybody?


Sharon said...

My Eddie is a black-and-white boy now at seven, and advancing in years. I'm not sure he would ever launch into an ocean of water, but your Eddie sure does enjoy it - bless his doggie heart.

T said...

What a wonderful site! He's so cute!!!

I hope our new family member (Nash) will join us for many of our beach/lake/pool adventures like your Eddie does (and if our vacations is any indication - he will!)

Gail said...

Any day is a good day for a swim. Your rug is beautiful.

Theresa said...

Oh, that pool looks so inviting! And swimming is such good exercise, tell Eddie he's a smart boy as it's great on old joints. :-) And what an expressive soft face. Dog years are simply go by too fast, no matter how long they are.
The rug is beautiful.

Hilary said...

Aww what great shots.. a dog couldn't get any happier than a cool pool on a hot day. :)

Jennifer said...

I completely understand the possiblity of needing counseling if anything happens to your loved one. He's great! how does he get along with the cats?

Unknown said...

Beautiful rug! Love the pool pictures!

Delighted Hands said...

The rug is gorgeous. Did you see the article in HandWoven about these kinds of rugs? You could have written it.......

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts