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Saturday, August 22, 2009

going to the dogs/cats

I give up. I do. Whenever I put a new rug down on the floor, 'someone' has to plop down on it like it was put there specially for them.
I think Jinx is working on a modeling career, since Miss Puss is such a hit.
She does look nice on this one, doesn't she?
And yes, this beige/tan rug is not my usual. It is an order, and true to myself, I couldn't manage to use ONE PLAIN fabric in that color, so I put my own twist on it, by using a lot of different fabrics in that color range. I think it makes the rug more interesting.
The rug measures 5'x7', and it is going to South Carolina, where it is probably hotter than it is in NY.
My DH and I have an ongoing discussion about cats on my rugs. Well, actually he has it, and I just make a face.
He says that people won't buy them if they see cats on them.
And I say that cats ARE on them, if only for a moment here and there, so why hide that?
And furthermore, I would rather that people know it up front, rather than order a rug and have an allergy attack because my cats are not allowed in photographs.
Besides, once again, it has to do with age.
I am old enough to do what I want. That's it. I mean it is the kindest of ways, but there it is.
It is the reason I refuse to worry about family matters that I can't do ONE thing about. It is why I don't do bunches of craft shows, or rent the the upstairs of my studio just to make money.
It is why I keep hours at the studio that please me, and no one else, and it is why I weave rugs in colors that please me, and not rugs that I necessarily think will sell. Although somehow they do.
Besides, who in their right mind could tell this girl that she can't just be herself.
Well, that would be like telling me the same thing, and we both know how well that might work out.

So lie there sweetly for a moment more, and then we have to fold this rug up and pack it in a box.
Yes, I will make you a rug of your own.
Silly girl.

And speaking of silly, here is Ed, the vicious pit bull mix.
With his babies.
Watch out! He is very dangerous. Those babies are just a ploy, to get you closer. I wouldn't do it, if I were you.
So that was my day, and now I am playing scrabble at
I love it. It is somehow a combination of using part of my brain, while putting other parts of it on auto pilot.
If that makes any sense.
Tomorrow is Sunday. I am going to try to do something for myself that doesn't involve work.
Until then. Have a great one.


Gail said...

I think all your pets should be included in your ad campaign...wonderful models and they bring out the beauty of your rugs.

JC said...

Great Pics of the Cat & Dog

I had a dog like your too ... was named Sweetie Pie and was she ever.

Delighted Hands said...

The cat is beautiful n the rug-I like your little rebellion on the neutral rug! My son has a vicious pit bull mix, too-aren't they sweeties?!

Theresa said...

The rug came out beautiful, even if it was neutrals! What a lovely cat Jinx is, and I think it is her god given feline right to lie on that rug. You took time away from her to weave it when you could have been petting her and catering to her every whim. Cats, dogs and fibery stuff just all seem to go together and they all enhance our lives. Ed looks just precious with his toys gathered round him. Vicious indeed! ;-) I wish my guys took as nice care of their toys but most feel the need to chew the stuffing out of them
hence they get nylabones. That is beautiful picture. Good boy Ed.

Hilary said...

He always takes the eyes off, and sometimes he pulls the stuffing out. But I think he loves them more that way.

Anonymous said...

Sure love Ed! My rottweilers sleep with toys too... well at least Handsome does... all his fuzzy wuzzy little hedgehogs.

Sharon said...

I wonder if Ed's pit bull mix includes Queensland Healer because his ears and face blaze sure look a lot like our Queenie.

Charlie is insane for rugs too - it is curious. He loves to get a crumple going and then hide in it. I wonder if it's an indoor cat, wanna be outdoor cat, point of compensation.

Anonymous said...

looks like i was outvoted on the cat on the rug thing-so be it-I'm a good loser -NOT

Need A Latte Mom said...

I am always telling my husband that I NEED a studio like your so I CAN have kitty kats. It adds to the charm and loving nature of your work.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts