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Sunday, June 28, 2009


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Yesterday my family all gathered at my house, to celebrate Morgan's birthday. The pool was lovely, and though it rained in the early afternoon, the sun prevailed eventually.
I think grandson #1 is getting away from those pesky girls.
Grandson #2........hasn't he heard that warning about your face staying that way?
No, Eddie, no......don't shake on me!!!!!!!!!
My buddy, getting a little white in the face. He is a sweet soul.
And speaking of sweet souls!
Do you remember when you used to do these things?
I think if I did them today, I would dislocate something.

My pitbull, Eddie, is 12 years old. He is famous for his love of swimming. He has always jumped into the pool on his own, and always swam counterclockwise. We have tried several times to get him to swim in the opposite direction, but as soon as you take your hands off him, he makes a turn and goes back the way he wants to go. This past year, his sight has gotten so much worse. The other day when we took him out to go in the pool for the first swim of the year, he stood at the edge of the pool looking very frightened. I am sure that he could not see the water.
We coaxed him, but for awhile, he wouldn't budge. So I got in the pool myself. He circled. He went to his favorite spot on the edge. He circled some more.
Then he leaned forward, a little further and a little further, until he had to jump. It was not his usual boisterous leap, and he swam right to the stairs and got out. That was two days ago.

But yesterday, when the kids jumped in the pool, Eddie was ready.

It was a great day.......good food, lots of swimming and pool time. The kids had a blast all day long. Our family is not a big family, but we are very close. It is very important to me, and to all of us.
Times change, situations change,troubles come and go, but family is family.


Nancy said...

What a great post! Fun in the sun with your favorite people and dog friends. Can it get any better than that??

Lori said...

What a great celebration! The pictures capture the fun that was had. I love your last sentence about all the things that are subject to change but family is family. Beautiful!

PS Thanks again for stopping by and introducing yourself to me and for your very kind words.

Hilary said...

Great post. Your family day seems like it was perfect. I love that dog's face.. so pensive and beautiful. And the kilets are just gorgeous.

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts