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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Unfortunately Hilary

I just read about this little go to google, and you put unfortunately and (your name)...........and just see what you come up with. Mine was pretty funny. Here they are.

, Hilary Duff and Disney couldn't agree on her salary or other contact issues, so Hilary left Disney to do other things.
Unfortunately, Hilary has been fighting this battle as a man. She should fight like a girl and be proud of it.
It’s a little see-through but unfortunately Hilary is wearing a bra.
Unfortunately Hilary had to cancel a concert due to bad weather in Canada
Unfortunately Hilary can rarely take botanical commissions at the moment due to time pressures.
Unfortunately Hilary Clinton represents the exact same special interests that McCain does. They should run on the same ticket. ...
Unfortunately, Hilary Hahn, despite her serious, thoughtful approach to music, seems to have succumbed to the current trend
Unfortunately, Hilary’s summer fruit roulade was not the winning formula, ...
Unfortunately Hilary may be electable.
Unfortunately, Hilary was nominated again for the 26th Annual Razzie Awards. She is nominated as Worst Actress for her acting debut in 'Cheaper By The Dozen
Unfortunately, Hilary Swank is unable to carry the day. Her portrayal of Jeanne is one dimensional.
Unfortunately, Hilary did not respond to the question posed to her by Senator Obama.

What can I say......March....another snow storm......cold wind and frigid temps..........that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.


Hilary said...

Well how convenient is that! You did it for me. Thanks! ;)

Hilary said...

Isn't that a hoot?
Hilary Hahn, Hilary Duff, Hillary Clinton.....thank them.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts