Crazy as a Loom

Tuesday, December 7, 2021


Well, the cold weather has arrived in Northeast NY, and we  can't complain, because we really had a reprieve in November.  It was very warm, some days almost balmy.  Of course, the downside of that warm weather was very active TICKS.

Goldie has finally approved of his new solar house, he had me worried for a while, the old one had some rotting wood issues, so Lois and Claire built him a new one, then DH put the tin on the roof.  He has a heated pad in there, but for a couple of weeks he wouldn't go near it.

Finally, I put some treats in there, and held him so just his head was inside.   He ate the treats, then he took off.
But the very next day, he decided to give it a whirl, and he's been in there ever since.

I treated myself to a new chair for my sewing room.  It's super comfy, and adjusts to the right height, which is crucial to me.
A new sewing table may be next, but I will buy it from the local office furniture supply store, 
good quality, and much less expensive than an actual sewing machine table.

Willie loves everyone, but he does have his favorites.   And my friend Sue is certainly one of them.  This love fest went on forever.

I finally got the warp off the wolf pup.  I made three  rosepath wall hangings, and a couple of 

table runners.

So the Baby Wolf is on the inside porch, waiting for its new owner to pick it up.
The Schacht floor loom that I sold several years ago, is back in the same place it was .

So now this is the new look for the studio.  Just three looms,  a far cry from the 16 looms I 

used to have in this old house.     But honestly, it's better.   

There's a lot of freedom with less looms.  I can focus on what I'm planning and weaving, instead of worrying about a loom with no warp, or looms that I can't get to.  And some days, it's just good to sit and rock.

I wonder why it took me so many years to be kinder to myself.   I sure made myself jump through a lot of hoops.  I had super high expectations of myself, on a daily basis.  I never made it easy.   I hardly took breaks, and felt always pressured to be busier than I needed to me.  Now, of course, I look back and wonder why.  But life has a way of slowing you down, changing your perspective,  and straightening out your priorities.    Getting older will do it for you.  Falling on your head works, but I don't recommend it.  

This past year has been a tough one for me.  Last October I tore my meniscus, and my knee has not stopped hurting yet.  Now it seems that I have some tendonitis, or IT band inflammation behind my new titanium knee.  Whatever it is, it is incredibly painful, keeps me awake at night, and curtails how much I want to be mobile.   So I am taking a cue, and resting it.   Have an upcoming ortho appointment, and hope for some relief. I try to remember that this too shall pass. I am forever telling my daughter.........."one day at a time",  "stay in the day"........"just do today".............
So I guess I will take my own advice.

Can I do today?  Damn straight, I can.  

After all, tomorrow is another day.


Boud said...

Such wise thoughts. Sorry the knee is still hurting after the replacement. That doesn't seem fair at all.

dakotacheryl said...

So sorry to read that your knee is so painful. Is Willie a Dogo Argentino? We have a female Dogo who could be Willie's twin sister. Love the three loom setup. It looks so perfectly arranged...cheryl

deodar said...

I hear you, I've had some health things this past summer that seem to have sapped my energy level. I've decided I'm 68, retired and I don't need to push myself so yep, a siesta after lunch is just fine. I still take good care of the horses, goats, pig, chickens,donkey,duck and dogs but I'm taking better care of myself too.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you can find it in your area, but I use a chinese medicine on
my arthritis and muscle aches and it's amazing! It's called zheng gu shui. It's a liquid and easy to put on.
The arthritis in my neck doesn't hurt at all if I use it every few days. It mivht work for your knee.


Peg Cherre said...

You sold a loom and bought it back??

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts