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Monday, July 26, 2021

Riding the dragon

You might notice the new "widget" on the right side of my's a way to sign up
for email notifications of new posts, from FollowIT..........if you try it out, please let me know if it works, or not.
Apparently, Feedburner, that says I have no followers, is defunct.

Google says I have 466 followers.  So who is telling the truth???

I'm still in recovery mode, even though I am improving daily, I know that I have a LONG way to go.

My good friend, Sue, has gotten me out of the house a couple of times, which I am so grateful for.  We made a trip to the Argyle Cheese Farmer, right here in Hudson Falls, and this ginger pear smoothie is a keeper.  I will definitely be going back for more.

I put the chicken run on FB marketplace, for free to anyone that wanted to remove it from my property.  Of course, there were several takers.  The man who showed up first  is older, and not a speed demon, but a steady worker, and I think he will have it gone in the next couple of days.

Next is to get rid of the fence all around the back yard.  My goal is to make it feasible to mow it all with the riding lawn mower.  Simple.  Clean.  Easy.

I realized that one perk of not raising chickens, is that if Ms. Fox comes 
around my back yard, I won't be worried and freaking out that she is here.

I did attempt to weave on the AVL, and lasted about 30 minutes, before my leg started
talking to me.

The warp was wonky, so I wasn't entirely happy with it, and cut it off, to retie another day.

Number one daughter came yesterday and push mowed the back yard where the barn used to be, with my EGO battery powered mower.

I know that a lot of the periphery of my yard has grown up and looks awful, but I also know that I can't do any of it, so I have to satisfy myself with what I can get done.
This back yard is what I see from my screen porch, and at least to look out and see it all mowed makes me feel good.  I have to give up the rest of it.

I can still hear my little fountain from the porch, and it's amazing how much joy it brings, when it was so cheap and easy to set up.
The simple things, yes???

I still have a LOT of pain, on a daily basis.  I am taking Ibuprofen now, and 
thought that when I could do that, it would get better.  
But not so much.  So yeah, still riding the dragon.

Sleep is still impossible, and I am still napping whenever I can.
I try to keep myself amused with books and crosswords and streaming shows on 
my laptop.  I exercise my knee every day, do PT twice a week, walk around the house, and around the yard, and otherwise, 
it seems like I am just counting days and biding time until I am feeling somewhat 
human and not thinking all the time about the pain.
I know this will pass, and every day is one more step towards that goal.

What I want most right now, besides having the pain dial down a bit, is to be able to 
drive long enough to see these sweet humans.

Because in the end, that's really all that matters.


Valerie said...

For what it's worth: I use Feedly as a feed reader and it says that you have 331 followers. That's probably through Feedly...who knows!

Hope the pain continues to mitigate and you can look forward to better days ahead!

Joanne Noragon said...

That picture of sweet grands is an American classic.

Caroline in NH said...

Hope your pain level decreases soon. I love your fountain, btw, and agree about the grands!

Peg Cherre said...

Look at those long legs on Dale! Amazing! And those toothy/tooth-less grins are truly a joy to behold.
I just got an Ego mower here. Already had an Ego snowblower and weed wacker so now I’m triple Ego, and I love them all.
Wishing you noticeably less pain with each passing day.

jolly said...

Some feedback on accessing blog.....I get the blog post generated by google via email. If in my email I hit Crazy As A Loom above the article caption-- I am taken to the site and article. If I hit the article caption " Riding the Dragon" - it takes me to feed burner no man's land.

There has been an error of some kind. Ack!
FeedBurner could not deliver this feed to you because of the specific problem listed below:

Feed Address:

HTTP Error (Code) and Message: (404) null

feedburner doesn't work - not sure where the problem lies but am grateful I can still get the blog through google. JMK

joyceetta said...

I have an Ego battery powered mower too! I LOVE it. Glad you are up and around. I have faith that with some time it will be better. Hang in there. Those Grands are the cutest ever!

Cheryl said...

I had some trouble sleeping as well. I am a side sleeper, so I would put a small pillow between my legs, above the knees. It seemed to help some. Sleeping on my side, I would also rest the operated knee on a pillow and would also ice my knee as I went to sleep. When I had enough, I would toss the ice bag on the floor.

cabbage rose said...

My mother and my sister both had knee replacement surgery this past year. My sister is back working in her vegetable garden and taking care of her chickens, and my mother (who is 82) power washed her house the other day! When she told me, my jaw dropped. I said something like "what the heck Mom! Are you serious?", and her response was "What?" She truly is my hero. They did have pain, of course. But they did exactly what you are doing (rest and rehab) and got through to the other side. Hang in there! You'll be good as new before you know it. Carolyn

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Because every thread counts