Crazy as a Loom

Monday, July 8, 2019


 Yes, I realize that I just posted two days ago.   I have no idea what I am doing.

For awhile now, the proliferation of weeds in my labyrinth has been driving me crazy.  I thought I had someone younger and more flexible than me that would weed it for me.
But I waited.  And waited.
Patience in something that needs to be done, is not my long suit.

So one day I went out there with a 5 gallon bucket and a pair of gloves, and I weeded about 10 feet of the path.     Then the next day, I did the same.  And again, and again.
I started seeing some progress, and I was inspired to keep going. 
Then yesterday, it was actually a beautiful summer day, with very little humidity, and I kept going back out and doing a little more, and a little more.
So today, I am a achy, but it's done.

Can I just tell you how good that feels???

Here's my spread on google earth.....actually only 1.2 acres, but it's mine.   Zoom in and you can see the labyrinth behind the barn.

While I got to weeding, I got to thinking as well.   It all reminded me of a lesson I learned in Al Anon, 25 years ago.
"Sometimes, you have to just do what is right in front of you."

It has saved me more than once.   Not overthinking what you can't change anyway, but just doing the mundane tasks that are right in front of you, that need doing.   There's something so simple and satisfying about it, and it puts your brain back where it belongs, in the present, this day, that we are gifted with.

This coming weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I will be having an Open House here, for the Artisan Trails of Washington County.
So I have some organizing and  getting ready to do.

But today, finishing this piece is right in front of me.  It's good to have purpose. 

Every day morning over my one cup of  coffee, I go over the day in my head.   I leave free time, but I always have things that need doing, so I usually scratch them on a note pad, for happy crossing off later in the day.

First up this morning, is throwing some clothes on, and hitting the trail with Naya, while it's cool and lovely to walk.
She needs it, and so do I.

Later in the afternoon, I will sit, on the porch if it's not too humid, with a book, or my Ipad.   I'll read or dream, or maybe I'll even dose off.

And I'll have a cuppa tea, because when you grow up in a house with an English mother, everything means a cuppa tea.
You have one when you're tired, when you're happy, when you're angry, when you're relaxing, when you are in the middle of a chore. 
The truth of it is, everything is better with tea. 

It's not like coffee.   It's so much better, and deeper, and more meaningful.
You have to be a tea drinker to understand this.

And with that dear friends, I'm off on a walk.

Have a great day.


Karen said...

Wasn't yesterday glorious? Love your aerial shot, and great job on the labrynth! You Go Girl. I've tried to be a tea drinker over the years.. and now and then I'll brew one up, and barely finish it, because I'm trying, I really am, but it's just not grabbing me. LOL.

Connie said...

I truly enjoyed reading your post this morning. Simple, mindful tasks . . . they need doing and making a list can be a huge help. I love that you divide your time up with restful and creative activities . . . all done between enjoying a soothing cuppa tea :) Sounds like a very well balanced life.

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Because every thread counts