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Thursday, August 23, 2018

A break

Random pictures, random thoughts.

This is the Kingsbury Baptist church, a few doors down from my house.  I took this coming home one night.

I try to see these little ones every week.  If my daughter isn’t up to the hour drive with small children, then I go there.

I want them to know their Mimi.

I guess it’s working, because now there’s not even a 5 minute wait, before this little guy puts his arms up to me.

Still loving my copycat Remoska.

I had all the brush growth cleaned in front of the house.  I am not fond of seeing the road so well, but it lets so much light in, and now when you pull out of the driveway you can see down the road. So it’s a good thing.

My version of potato salad.  I really shouldn’t even have it in the house.


The humidity has been much less the last few days, and my head has taken the cue. I desperately needed the break.

Today is clean the studio day. Every now and then, it just gets out of control.

My daughters seem to think I can do anything......and daughter # 1 wanted her window valance redone.  Here’s the end result.

It was a lot harder than it looks.

This was last week’s job...the closet under the stairs.  It was full, and I hauled everything out of it, went through it all, and got rid of a ton of junk.

It’s where the vacuum cleaner lives, and there’s not room for much else.

Years ago, when I worked in the prison, I had this picture done by an inmate.  He was an incredible artist, a very educated man, who got arrested with a very small amount of cocaine.  It as back in the days of Rockefeller, when they threw the book at anyone who had any drugs at all.  He had a horrific sentence, so when he got lung cancer, he declined treatment.  It was very sad.

The other part of this story is that this picture of my mother and her brother, my Uncle Syd, was only half of what I had done.  I had two photos, this one, and the other was of my father and my Aunt Lynn.  

They were taken when my aunt and uncle visited from England, back in the day.

My mother, however, always thought that my Aunt Lynn was a bit too flirty with my father.

So the fact that the other picture is missing is really not surprising to me.

They were in the house we lived in with my mother, for 10 years.  There was a lot of opportunity for my mother to have her way.

And I’ll bet she did. 


Joanne Noragon said...

A fun potpourri.

Karen said...

LOL... I think I would have loved to meet your mom :-)

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts