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Sunday, May 27, 2018


We took a mini trip to the ocean.   I was dying to see what Naya thought of it.   Roy hated to get his feet wet, so the beach did not impress him.   And he hated the extended leash, and wouldn't leave my side anyway.
Naya on the other hand, loves getting her feet wet, and loves running to and fro out in front of me.   I am careful about where I use this leash, but for the beach, it's wonderful.

This was her first time running since her heartworm treatment, and she was a happy girl.

No, this was not on my diet, but hey, I figured I deserved it.

Back at the studio, the rains came.......but ask me if I cared.

Perfect days to weave.

Lois finished the mixed white warp on the Schacht.     It was one of my brain storms.   We had a huge basket of collected bobbins with all different shades and textures of white thread.  So we put a warp on and she wove 9 yards of goodness.

Then I cut it up, made two möbius shawls, and one ruana.

I really love these one of a kind things.

So far, my clothes line is very diverse.....lots of different colors and textures, and I hope enough to appeal to lots of customers this summer.

We are going to be busy doing shows, and in between, we plan on taking a lot of time off.

When the sun came back out, I had a visitor.

I had never seen an indigo bunting at my feeder before.....but apparently this one likes it.

But now, wouldn't you know, a black bear was seen in the woods across the road, so the feeder should probably come down.

To pump up my weight loss, which is presently at 17 lbs, I have been doing a lot more walking.   Getting my knee to like it is somewhat of a challenge, but I am determined.
I have a lot more energy just losing that much weight.   I am very pleased with it, although when I think of how I gained that extra 30 lbs, I am a little disturbed that I didn't notice sooner.

I used to eat like this.......  but no, this was DH's dinner out.

And this was mine.....the broiled haddock with the extra vegetable.

I keep reminding myself how I got here......

I stumbled on this old photo, taken at Stonehenge 25 years ago.   How young I was, although I probably didn't think so at the time.

Walking around Moreau Lake the other day, with my good friend, we talked a lot about how we got to where we are, how we evolve along the way.

There was a time, when I woudn't have posted pictures of myself.  Too vain, too worried about what someone might think.   Too fat, too old, something.   You know the deal.

But somehow, I have finally gotten beyond that.  This is me.   I have certainly been a lot younger.  I have been a lot thinner.  I have been a lot more attractive in my day.  Certainly more stylish.

But here I am, 71.  wow.  How did that happen??

Then a voice in my head pipes up.   "Aren't you so lucky that it did?"

Yeah.   I am so fortunate to just be here.

Here I am with my friend Alice.  When did I get so white???   Funny, it's just in the front.......and even funnier, I don't mind at all.

And here I am, not as thin as I am working to be, but thinner than I was 4 months ago, and feeling better, and still on my feet, and still happy to be here, most of the time.

And it's all OK. 

It really is like shedding other poundage, other weight that you carry around, to give up even thinking about what rejection you might face, if you expose yourself.

It is kind of ironic, that I have no trouble revealing my thoughts, my feelings, my life, on a very public forum like this one.   Yet to think of doing a physical reveal is quite another thing.   Not so long ago, I would have been so reluctant to do so.

And now..........well, that's the good news.   There is an incredible freedom about getting older.  And we don't know it, until we get here.


DJan said...

It's wonderful to see Naya looking so happy, and thank you so much for the pictures of yourself. I haven't seen many, and these are a real treat, young and old. I think your white hair is quite lovely. Looks a lot like mine. :-)

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

It's so important to accept ourselves for who we are. Why does it take so long to figure that out? You inspire me to take off the extra weight. I've tried WW in the past and didn't stay on it. Maybe I should try again. I love the white shawl. As much as I like color in my life, sometimes white is the most beautiful of all. Enjoy your weekend.

Back Porch Writer said...

Great post. I'm still kinda picky what I post - it's mainly b/c I can't stand to see who I am versus who I thought I'd be - looks wise - just over weight, tired, and spent looking. But I too have lost about 18 lbs and feel better and looking a bit better too - as I've noticed in pics the thinning in my face, and the smile returning. I love to eat but learning to get rid of the vegetable oils, fried things, enriched flours, and such. I'm certainly on a nutrition journey and I love it! Good luck to you. Love the blog - you are in my blog roll on my blog.

Kim said...

I'm proud of you! AND you inspired me to (finally!) get rid of my "trump ten" that I put on after the election when I needed a LOT of comfort food. Had to get serious about why I would let THAT hang on my body. I'm 4 down and 6 to go. DH even complimented me today on my will power (we hiked yesterday, he had post hike ice cream, I did not.) I love your posts. Thank you for sharing all these bits of your life, even the physical ones.

Karen said...

I love this post for so many reasons - and the two words that sum it all up for me is - Amen, friend.

Daryl said...

its easy to gain weight especially in the winter when we tend to eat more and get out & about less... i think you look great .. 71 never looked so good .. (i am a mere year behind you)

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Because every thread counts