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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


That's the word of the day, I've decided.


Not sure if it's getting older, or if it's just me, but every day I have to make that decision:  to maintain.

This hurts, that hurts.  Headache, plantar fasciitis, a creaking back, a complaining hip.

Yep.   I just want to maintain.   I have to work, every day, just to do that.

By 6:30 am, all the critters have been fed and medicated,   I am usually sitting with my coffee, assessing how soon my head will settle down, and I can get started doing what I want to do.

Some days just simply suck, and it's hard to get started.  Other days, I'm off and running.
There is no sense to it, so I just roll with it.  I haven't found anything else that works.

So I am looking for an know, a pill to stop you from vomiting.
I want to watch the President's speech, just because I feel the need to know what the danger is.  And I want to see all the faces of People of Color, that Democrats will bring as guests.  That will be awesome.  Elizabeth Warren is bringing an Iraqi refugee.
Go Elizabeth.

I want to know, yet on the other hand, I'm nauseated, and not sure I can get through it.

Today I read that while cutting Medicare and Social Security is not on the budget right now, they don't deny that at some point they will be on the table.
$54 billion  to pump up defense................where is it coming from????

Yeah, scary times ahead, folks.  I know a lot of people who LIVE on their Social Security checks.  They don't have a big retirement from some terrific job.  
A cut to Social Security would hurt me, but some people would be in serious  trouble.

So on the studio front, I think Lois has made significant progress in her weaving career.

She used to say that she only wanted to weave rugs, she'd leave those "finer" threads up to me.

But lately, she has evolved.  I have set her to work on different projects, and I have seen her becoming more comfortable doing things that she would never have even tried before.

She wound the warp, sleyed and threaded the loom, wound the warp on, and then did the weaving.

This is a scarf in hand dyed bamboo with cotton.

This is hand dyed bamboo warp, with silk weft.

They are both beautiful, aren't they??

Now if I can just talk her into doing these damn fringes.

My mission to make quilts for my family this year for their birthdays is under way..
Of course the baby got one, on his REAL birth day.....
and this is for one of my sweet grand girls.

Colors were her choice.

My littlest grand daughter loves her Poppa.

And she LOVES her little fact, she would hold him all day long if she could.

I'm not sure what she is watching on TV in this photo, but surely it is better with a baby on your lap.

So many reasons to maintain.
So many.


claudia said...

Dale is getting so big! She is just the sweetest. The pictures of her just warmed my heart.
It sucks getting older and dealing with life's trials and tribulations. The pain is so hard to deal with sometimes. I probably don't have a small percentage of what you are living with, but there is pain to work through each day.
I am one of those who will suffer when (and if...yeah right!) they decide to change our benefits. I stayed home with my kids a good part of my life since my youngest had heart problems. That put a damper on my SSI. Still, I am in a better place than most and I am trying now to gear up for what is left of my future, so I don't end up on a poor farm!
Blessings to you, dear Hilary!

LA said...

Dale has the right should try it!!!! Congrats to Lois on her beautiful scarves.

Deb said...

You amaze me, Hilary, with all that you accomplish when you have so much to contend with. If only you could not have those headaches. :( I just can't imagine.
Your grands are so sweet. And look how proud little Dale is. They just bring such pleasure to our lives. Lucky kids to each get one of your beautiful quilts.

Angela Tucker said...

Oh my goodness, spew alert!! I am sitting here listening to the president's address, hoping that I can keep MY dinner down. LOL The first thing I noticed was his "gallery". Really? Could he have been any more obvious? And how much are they really planning to spend on defense? The biggest bump ever? It seems that the veterans were an afterthought...shaking my head.

Enough of that...

I know the feeling of just maintaining. You do what needs to be done, whether you feel like it or not. LOL I found out a few months ago that I have arthritis in my hips and a fused vertebrae. I figured that I was just getting old. It's nice to know that there is a real reason that some days I feel like poo. LOL

All the scarves are much talent in your studio. And that quilt is gorgeous!! Love the colors.

Have a wonderful week!

Connie in Hartwood said...

Maintain. I like it.

Peg Cherre said...

For me, it's all about balance. I listen and watch when I can, and sing or meditate or just weave when I can't. I make phone calls, I attend meetings and rallies, I do what I can, when I can. And when I can't, I give myself a break instead of a guilt trip.

Karen said...

I tried to watch, tried. tried. Tried.. because as you said.. it's important to be aware. I did not see that speech as my republican friends ultimately did. What I saw was he can read from a teleprompter and whoever wrote that speech was careful not to go too deep with any actual plans and to say all the right things without the rhetoric we are used to from him. One speech does not make a President.

I find my anxiety level has turned me practically inside out since Agent Orange came to power - and I really need to find my way out of the daily listening, watching, hoping. So.. today I brought home some chicks. LOL. *sigh

Stay the course, Hilary - we all need you around, even from afar.

Daryl said...

please tell Lois that her choices in color are dee-vine ... and Dale is getting to be so grown up ...

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts