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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Still here.

For quite a while now, I have suspected that I was headed for a hip replacement.
I have had the MRI, the injections, etcetera.
The upshot is, I don't.
It is "years away", I was told.
Yay....that's ok with me.

The bad news is that I have a problem with my SI joint.........if you look up "Weaver's Bottom", you will see that my ischial tuberosity is unhappy.
I told the doctor that I did not want him to tell me to stop weaving.  He said, " I won't."

Good.  At least we understand each other.

So it's off for another injection, and some physical therapy, and more weaving.  Of course.

Cotton warp, hand dyed silk weft.

I had some cotton I wove a while back.   I finally got inspired to do something with it.

Three kimono jackets.

I love the loose and flowing.

 I love the clean feel of cotton.

And I love them in natural.

It's so much fun pleasing myself.  I hope for someone to come along and like it, I mean I am hoping to make some money from my weaving.
But I still basically please myself.  And that is the "priceless" part.

This morning I made some dill pickles.
But I refuse to can them.
I put mine in the fridge, and I tell anyone that I give them to:  refrigerate.
It's too hot to can, and besides, it sometimes makes the pickles limp.
I hate limp pickles.

My field is coming along's all cleared, and sometimes I just go out there and sit in my lawn chair and admire it.
Have I mentioned that I have zucchinis as big as my thigh???

I've dried them, I've grated and froze them, I've given them away.
But still this:

I do require that I keep somewhat of a schedule....even if it's just one I've made up.  So I am going back to weave a bit before the evening news.

This hand dyed tencel is waiting for me.

Is life good, or what???


Sojourner Design said...

As usual, your post is a feast for the eyes!

I too am in refridgerater pickles mode. Also doing some lacto fermenting which is also easy.

messymimi said...

Life is good, and your work is beautiful. By the way, you are right on time for "Sneak Some Zucchini onto your Neighbor's Porch Day". there's information about the "holiday" at

Peg said...

I LOVE the woven piece with the cotton warp and silk weft. The colors are gorgeous, and you know I am envious of the harnesses needed to do that weave pattern.

Take more weaving breaks. Get yourself a piece of actual lambs wool to put on top of your bench. Do what's needed so you can keep doing what you love without pain.

Dizzy-Dick said...

You must have really skinny thighs because I never saw a zucchini as big as my thigh. I love the color of that - what did you call it? - tencel. Now I have heard of tensile, you know, the tensile strength of materials. Used that a lot when I was working as an engineering designer.

MarthaVA said...

Hillary, I love your Kimono jackets too. They are perfect to put on as a little extra something in a cool restaurant or out for an evening. They are neutral but not bright white, so will go with everything. Really lovely.
I love cotton too. My favorite fiber - except my nose itches when I weave with it!


Devon said...

Beautiful weaving! Beautiful life! My sister has been going through cancer tx and has a lot of nausea... My Zucchini casserole seems to go down easy and stay down... Wish I had planted some this year! So I am curious, how long will the pickles keep in the fridge if not processed?

Daryl said...

maybe get yourself a comfy cushion for your poor butt .... and i lived nearby i would help you out with those zuks

Gayle said...


Anneczka said...

Weavers from Poland send greetings.

Deb said...

Love the kimono jackets, Hilary. :)

Unknown said...

Hillary- I was wondering about the sewing machine you blogged about a long, long time ago that you bought to sew 500your bags with. What brand was it and are you happy with it? My 500a singer just died and the sewing center wants me to buy a Reliable with a walking foot...? What did you get and how was it?

Sharon said...

For someone with ischial tuberosity and hip problems you sure do get a lot done in a day!! And I don't like limp pickles either :)

Unknown said...

Dear Hillary.
Thank you for your Amazing art for the eye.
My Whole body turned vibrant and Wanted to feel your pieces, one by one.
I am in love with your wrapes for the babies. How to become one of the choosen?

With love and respect for your very creative and artistic soul. Aho!
Blessings From Lærke Bellis, Denmark

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Because every thread counts