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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Is it over???   Summer?

Oh, sure, there are things about it that are amazing, like my huge zinnia patch.

But overall, the humidity has been overwhelming.

I know I've said it before, but I do love this old house.

The light, the incredible feeling about it.

I have been weaving hand dyed bamboo, and I'm calling it Mermaids.

Though it is one of my LEAST favorite jobs, we had another rug to seam together.

Lois has been working hard on this for weeks........three sections, altogether, it makes a 9x12 rug.

It took us about two hours to sew it together, and when we were done, I needed a crane to get me off the floor.
Can anyone say "STIFF"????

Here's the runner that goes with it.

I'm busy as usual, weaving, dyeing.

But today, I spent with this little love.
Priceless, let me tell you.


Peg Cherre said...

I agree -- time with my grands is wonderful, and why I moved to be closer to them.

The Mermaids is stunning!

Daryl said...

oh that rug is awesome ... and that adorable Dale is getting so grown up

Anonymous said...

Dale's shoes ROCK! Love your mermaid weaving - the colors are fantastic. Lois did a wonderful job weaving all those rag rugs.

claudia said...

OMG! That can't be Dale! She is growing so fast! She is a beautiful little one!
The Mermaid weave is so pretty! I love the colors. And that rug, Oh My! It's big, and I bet HEAVY. How do you do it all?

Theresa said...

Weeds I tell you, they grow like weeds! Pretty baby Dale looks like a just as pretty young lass in the making.
Now, that's a rug I could love. A beautiful job on the weaving AND the joining.
Your house always makes me homesick for New England. EVERY SINGLE TIME!
How's the head and the hip?

Vicky said...

Always love visiting your colorful, woven, and adorable world! Oh my stars- the rug in 3 sections- the work, plus all the love woven in- amazing.

MarthaVA said...

Wow! Your little gem is getting tall! I spent the last three days with my little grand daughter who is not little anymore either!
I want to come dye stuff with you!

thotlady said...

I concur with the other commenters she is getting so big. Such a sweetie.

Karen said...

oh that precious not-s0-baby and those shoes!! LOVE the blue hue and that rug would make an awesome lodge rug. I hear you about the stiffness.. if I clip my dogs on the floor I get up in pain for sure.

Sharon said...

Your Zinnia patch is gorgeous. I've never seen them that tall. Must be the humidity :)

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Because every thread counts