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Monday, May 30, 2016

Morning thoughts.

I've had two students in two weeks, making my brain work.  It's a change from mindless weaving in a quiet studio.  I like it though, it requires me to pay attention, and the reward of having a new weaver born is so worth it.
My favorite part is when they throw that shuttle for the first time, on a warp that they have wound, sleyed, threaded, and beamed on.  Priceless.
And I get to meet new people, most of whom love being here.  That's a plus.

The garden is planted, and I have taken to getting out there at 6 ish every morning, spending just a half hour weeding and checking things out.  It always gets ahead of me, every year, and I have vowed that this year, it will not.

The idea of letting the lawn grow wild never panned out.  DH bought a second hand riding mower, and has taken over mowing the biggest parts of the lawn.

When I am up at the crack of dawn, I mow about 20 minutes.  That seems to be working.  The idea of not mowing a marathon appeals to my "neck" and gets the job done, a bit every day.   It seems like that approach applies to a lot of things, as I get older.   I take jobs that I would have done in one fell swoop, and break them up into doable pieces.  It me.......that I won't pay the price with a slamming headache from putting my neck through hell.
Oh, how smart I've become in my elder years.

I am weaving on a towel warp, one that I do not like as well as the one before it.  That's always a challenge, to get through it, when it is not moving me.

They look much better on the loom, after the towels were washed, they were not as exciting to me.

Luckily, changing the dobby is not that hard.

For whatever reason, this moves me.

I guess that flower basket wore her out, cause she obviously needs a break.

Love that girl.


Sharon said...

I have had to do the same thing as you, break up activities into time periods, and when I forget or get carried away, I spend the next couple of days dealing with the neck pain. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak :)

thotlady said...

So sweet that little one.

Karen said...

Love that picture!!

Anonymous said...

Love love love her little red shoes and sweet expression

Daryl said...

love the colors in the first towel .. and of course the adorable Ms D ... so pretty in her pouty dress and red slippers!

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning!! I also am learning to do a little at a time...I seem to wait too long and them try to fix everything in a marathon stretch. After three weeks vacation, I am seriously considering that it is time for retirement. There is so much to enjoy in life! Your granddaughter is so beautiful!

Restless Knitter said...

I'd like to see what the towels look like after being washed. They look great on the loom

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Because every thread counts