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Friday, January 22, 2016

Bringing you up to date.

You probably haven't seen Jinksie in a while.  She's had a lot of adjusting to do since Kizzy died.  She still yowls in the middle of the night, and I'm sure she is looking for him.
But overall, I think she is better.  She is finally coming out of the loft more during the daytime, and lately she has even been lying in the living room in the evenings, something she never did before when Kizzy was here.

 Speaking of cats, long time followers of my blog will remember the infamous "Bubba Lee"......who gave birth to two litters of kittens that we found homes for, and who we finally caught and neutered.  She has lived across the street with the neighbors since then.  But just recently she has been hanging around again.  We don't know why, but I expect it might be because they now have a dog.

Anyway, she has happily come up on the porch the last couple of days to chow down.

I've been on a little cooking spree.......more scones???  YES.
These are blueberry and pistachio.

They might just be the best.

And then I made some beef stew.  I just didn't eat the beef.
I loved the gravy though, I guess I'm not a purist.

 I have towels on the AVL still, different warp, different pattern.

Kind of makes me think of snow and icy cold vistas.

I took a little drive today, because I needed to go to Big Lots.

The countryside was beautiful, and a little cold.

I had to buy some pots and some potting soil, so I could split this poor root bound plant that belonged to my daughter.

I got six  new climbing sea onions all repotted.
Now I just have to find homes for them.  I already have two of my own.


Deb said...

Aw, poor Jinksie. It's so hard when they don't understand what has happened to their friend. I hate to see that. I'm glad she is starting to come around. Give her a big hug for me. And then pack up one of those scones and ship it to Canada. I'll be waiting at the post-office. :)

Dawning Inspiration said...

Cracked up on the purist method with the stew. I do the same thing!

Changes in the wind said...

Never heard of the climbing sea onions so looked it up on google....they are interesting. The stew looked good to me and think I saw some pinto beans in there.

Angela Tucker said...

I had never heard of climbing onions, either...I might have to find one for myself!!

Your towels are so amazing. I don't think I would be able to use them as towels. LOL

I have a kitty that I feed in my backyard. I can't get within 10 feet, but she shows up every evening at 4:30, waiting for me to put out the food. I can't say no!

Have a wonderful day!

Karen said...

Animals mourn the loss of their friends too, people don't always realize that...

Daryl said...

poor junks .. i know how sad Jack was when Rosie died ... it worsened his asthma ... thankfully he's now got Harry and Annie to keep him company and asthma meds to soothe his lungs

Vicky said...

Everything seems filled with coziness, peace and warmth. From the scones and stew, to the sweet kitties to the weaving- its all beautiful.

thotlady said...

Pretty towels.

Unknown said...

Any chance you could be convinced to post your scone recipe?
Just wondered.

annie said...

That bit of snowy country side looks a bit like a woven rug.
Pretty Kitty, very hard losing a friend.
I never heard of a climbing one either.

claudia said...

That stew looks delicious! I can never get the gravy part to come out quite like that. I'm definitely not a purist...I love me some beef! I would eat it all!
I feel bad for Jinksie! I just lost my favorite cat to a hawk or eagle (dammit!) and my other favorite cat is trying to help me through it by being more loving toward everyone! (Or he's afraid we will send him off with the big birds too)He's even loving on my German Shepherd that he has never even acknowledged before. That is funny! The shepherd looks at me like, "Mom, what's he doing???"
You have snow??? Honey, it's July! What's up with that???

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Because every thread counts