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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Busy busy busy

Morning in Kingsbury.
Hot air balloon going right over the house.

I recently made a ladies tunic from some handwoven that I had in the cupboard.
I threw it in the wash, loved it when it came out, so decided to make something.

I used a top of my own as a pattern.

My friend Michelle came by, and good naturedly agreed to be my model.

She's so thin and cute.   It looked great on her.

Here's some of my "bobbins of many colors".........all going into a möbius shawl.

This is what my life looks like without a headache. :)

The last few days, my head has calmed right down.  I have given up trying to figure it out.  There is no sense to it really.
I just take it and I'm grateful, for as long as it lasts.

So I took advantage, and moved my computer area to the studio, out of the dining room, moved an old kitchen cupboard out of the hall and into the dining room, all with the help of my patient DH.
He also put up this great rack in the hall where the  cupboard had been, to hang my woven wearables.

And the end of a good weekend, the sunset in Kingsbury.  It's a beautiful thing.


Sweetpea said...

Just stopping by to say how very good it is to visit again, Hilary, see how you are doing, how the new digs are progressing. Do you know that I think of you sometimes when things are especially tough around here? I do this I'm sure, because I know deep down that no matter how hard for me, it's not anything compared to your hard - your head. Thank You. Thank you for continuing to share your story no matter how difficult. I need the perspective - maybe others do, too? But aside from all this blubbering I'd really like to say that I just love to see all your beautiful woven creations ... how you weave your life with your art ... how they're inseparable.
All my best to you writing here from the Pacific Northwest,

Karen said...

It sure is :-)

Daryl said...

saved the best for last .. what a gorgeous sunset ..

Vicky said...

I'm always delighted to see your newest creation come to fruition. You truly just keep going, despite all that could hold you back. I think its really key, to decide, to feel the way we do, and then just live our lives anyway. That last photo is truly stunning!

Gayle said...

Lovely. Your attitude of gratitude is just the best!

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Because every thread counts