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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Books, books, books.

I am on a mission, doing something I have sworn I would do 'eventually'.

Yes, I am cleaning out my books.  You think I would have done this before we moved, instead of lugging all of them across town to the studio.   But I didn't, and here they are.
I have fiction, and nonfiction, but I have a ton of weaving and knitting books.
To be honest, I have my favorites, and the rest of them will just sit there unused.
That is just not making any sense to me anymore.
Someone else would make use of them, and that is what should happen.

So I have been putting them on Facebook, on the All Fiber Equipment Page, which is a site you can list fiber related stuff on, to get rid of it.
I am pricing all books at $10 each, to simplify the process, and so far have sold about 30, in two days.
I just took a picture of the front of each book.

Unfortunately I have more.
I was wondering if I should post some here, if there would be interest among my blog followers, or if I would just be taking up space?

I also may take some to the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival, in a basket.  There are lots of knitters and weavers there!!

Next up is clothes.....again.   When I put my summer clothes away, if I haven't worn something this summer, it's going in the donation bin. Period.

Then I have another cupboard, full of magazines, and papers of all kinds.   Things I felt motivated to KEEP.
I have decided that to get rid of it all does not mean that you are not invested in life, but instead it means that you are more free to live it.

I have been busy with number 1 daughter, who ruptured her Achilles tendon doing a Tae Kwon Do JUMP.  
It's a very difficult  and long recovery.  I don't envy her, but I know she can do it.

Yesterday L and I put another towel warp on the AVL.  I have been dreaming of this color scheme for a while, but couldn't find the gold 8/2 that I wanted.
Finally, after a few weeks of back order, I got it from the Yarn Barn of Kansas.
We decided to try to "tie it on" the previous warp.  I have never done it with the 16 harness AVL, so I have no idea if it is going to be brilliant, or dumb ass.
We'll find out today!!!

 Ah, the headache. Back again with a vengeance for the last week.  Yesterday was the worst, with me going to BED ( oh the horrors) at 3pm and sleeping until 5pm.  
That is SO NOT ME.
But it did help, took the edge off the headache, although leaving the bulk of it with me.

I am trying, once again, to figure out why.  What is different?  I have had a few really, really good months. 
Maybe I need to get the Oseopathic Manipulative Treatments more often?
Is it the change in weather?
Is it the abundance of ragweed all around outside?
Or, and this is my worst fear, could it be that in my ambitious endeavor to have lots of stuff to take to the fiber festival, the weaving has been excessive and angered my fused C-spine.

I have been weaving on the Schacht looms, on mohair throws, and möbius shawls, and on both those looms, I lean forward from my shoulders, and I think that the neck strain might be the culprit.  I have been doing this the last 3 weeks or so.
On the AVL, I sit up much straighter, and my neck does not bother me as much.
Or is it that just too much weaving at a stretch is not in my future?
Ah, how painful that thought.

But I know that I can't do this headache.   I may be a hobby weaver, after all.


Texan said...

Cant wait to see you towels of gold. I keep threatening to clean out my quilting books!But as of yet I have not managed it.

Catherine said...

Perhaps switching from one loom to another, back and forth each day would help? I know that this would cause a loss of weaving momentum, but it might help. For me, switching knitting projects helps a lot in reduction of pain, and I have really nothing that is even wrong.

MarthaVA said...

I love the gold and can't wait to see the towels. Hoping the tying on to the previous warp works - I've never tried that but would love to as threading heddles is my least favorite part of dressing the loom.

I wonder....could you get some sort of neck brace or support, for when you're weaving on the other looms??? Wondering if that would help at all. I'm sorry your headache has returned.

I have had 3 good months of not having sinus issues myself. Got in the car the other day, sneezed twice, and bam! The sinus issues returned with a vengeance. BOOO! I do hope you find a way to get it to go away again - maybe the manipulation will help? Try it!

Your poor daughter. What a bummer. I am sending healing thoughts to you for your headache to disappear, and for her to have a safe, and rapid recovery.


Karen said...

I'm thinking it's all the weaving, makes a lot of sense... and I thought you knew you had to slow that crap down. No? You can't smack me from over there :-)

Sending healing thoughts to you and your daughter - xo

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Because every thread counts