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Monday, January 20, 2014

Hear me sigh.

I am realizing now that DH and I have not taken a vacation, a real vacation, in much longer than I
prefer to admit.
Oh, yeah, we did a whirlwind weekend here and there, our favorite place was the Maine coast.
But a real vacation?  Nope, not in many years.
Mostly it was because leaving my mother alone in New York, while we went far away, was really
not a favorable option.
So we just didn't go.

So this is a shock to my system.   Sunshine, no schedule.
And a freaking doable .......let me repeat.........DOABLE.........headache.
It's not gone, and there are times, when it sneaks up on me, but for 90% of the time, it is a 3.
What a lovely ring THREE has to it, my friends.

Today, two long walks in the ocean breeze.  Two hours in the pool in the sun.

This guy is right behind the house, along with some swans, egrets, Muscovy ducks, and some other birds that I can't identify.

When we first got here, I walked Roy around the house, and he acted like his two front paws were on fire.......I looked at them, didn't see anything, and as soon as we were off the lawn, he seemed ok.

Today, when I dashed outside in my sock feet to get a picture of this guy perched on a pole,  I found out why Roy was in pain.
I screeched, and then bent down to rip my socks off, and stepped over on some rocks to get back to the house.  On inspection, the bottom of my socks were covered in these little, tiny burrs with sharp, sharp projections.  And omg, did they hurt.
I apologized to Roy, and he won't be going on the lawn again.
Nor will I, without shoes.

I am feeling guiltily lazy, and a bit aimless.
But having this mini headache makes it feel like some sort of heaven, so I'm ok with it.


Country Gal said...

Glad to hear your headaches have lessened in the pain level just wish they would go completely for you . OUCH ! that would hurt the footsies . Thanks for sharing . Have a good week .

Dizzy-Dick said...

I am also glad your headaches have lessened. Those grass burs are terrible for both man and beast.

Delighted Hands said...
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Delighted Hands said...

We call them sand's why everyone wears flip flops! Glad the sunshine is working its magic on your headache!

Anonymous said...

Buy Roy some shoes!

Sweetpea said...

If I've learned anything in this life, it's that dogs are so incredibly forgiving. No need to worry about Roy, for sure ... it's already in the past!

Cannot tell you what joy I feel knowing that you are THERE ... in that clime ... finding relief. Think you've made the right decision.

messymimi said...

You've long needed this, and i'm glad you are getting it.

Country Girl said...

Sounds delightful ~

Well, except for the sand burrs.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Those sand burrs are AWFUL! They cling to our dogs fur around their paws and come into the motorhome to get imbedded into the carpeting! ACK!

Please check between Ray's toes to make sure none are imbedded in the tender skin that could fester and infect him?

Enjoy your warmth and sunshine.. .we were 6 below this morning. brrrrr
Karen and Steve
(Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

Hilary said...

It sounds just wonderful.. love the great blue. I miss those guys through the winter.

Poor Roy.. I thought you were going to say fire ants. I'm glad it's less invasive and more easily avoided than that. And THREE.. may it never elevate past that.

Karen said...

So glad you have gotten your reprieve!!!..

and what the heck is in that grass??? It's what the grass is made of?.....

I thought you were gonna say fire ants.

Daryl said...

oh i was afraid there were those awful red ants .. poor Roy

Rain said...

Hilary it really is great down here!! And warm !! So glad you're down here - and headache a three !! Yayyy- those sand burrs are awful. !!!
Enjoy-- Rain !! :)

Sharon said...

I've thought of you so many times as I've struggled to get my head pain under control. I have accepted that I may have to live with #3 pain, and as you said, in perspective - it's doable. I hope you have a vacation - finally. It's your turn!!

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Because every thread counts