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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blatant Retail

Raining now..........they are predicting SNOW flurries for tomorrow.
Remind me why I live in the northeast.
Good grief.
And as the TAX MAN is imminent, and the STUDIO is cluttered, to say the LEAST, we're having a SALE.  Another LOOPER SALE FOR ALL YOU WEAVERS.

But mostly, I am rethinking everything that I do.  Does that surprise you?
My brain has been rebooted TWICE now, and the world..........well, my perspective just keeps changing.
I bought this lovely, old house in March 2005.   It seems like it's been part of me forever.
It didn't look this good when I bought it.  It was pretty haggard.
Here it is getting painted for the second time since I've owned it.......the shutters are not all back on.

When I made the purchase, my intent was simple.  I wanted a place to put my looms, I wanted a place to work, to create, to evolve as a weaver.  I wanted quiet, simple, reflective.

But my gene pool is strong.  Dear Dad came through.  I found myself working harder and harder, and being more and more successful.
And I kept coming up with new products, and new ideas.
And those new ideas in turn created a whole new reality.

Suddenly, the serenity of the studio was a memory a lot of the time.  Work was the order of the day,  every day.
And that's not all bad.  Except that maybe it's time for something else.

All my profit has gone right back into the house.  A lot of the improvements and maintenance that had not been done over the years, got done.
There's more, as there always is with an old house, it will always be a work in progress.

But I am taking a more minimalist approach these days, even at the studio.
I don't want all this stash of "stuff" that I hope to use "someday".
I don't want 15, or is it 16? looms staring at me, like little lost souls.  Why don't you weave on me?
What's wrong with ME?
I can still operate Crazy as a Loom for now, and still downsize what I own, and what I store.

There's just me and L weaving.....and an occasional student, or friend.
I do not need all these looms.

So first to GO is the SEVEN FOOT WIDE TOIKA.
Yes, 7 ft wide.
It's a beautiful loom, and I have made many, many rugs on it, with Lois, and with Tammy.  It has been very profitable.
But I think 7 ft wide rugs are something I used to do.  Me and my new NECK.  If you know what I mean.
I have to tell you, there is ONE philosophy that I have trouble with.
It's this:
Just because I CAN do something, doesn't mean I HAVE to.

I think I may have a buyer for the TOIKA, and if not, I will be advertising it soon.

Changes are coming.  And I think they'll be good ones.


Country Gal said...

I love your house and that porch is wonderful . You go girl hope all goes well with your changes . Glad you are feeling better ! Have a good evening !

Anonymous said...

HIlary, change can be good. Down size, don't down size...whatever you decide we will be behind you. Glad you are on the mend. As I have said before...You Rock Girl!

Anonymous said...

Simplify.... it feels so good to rid yourself of stuff. I did that when we moved and still have more to let go of. Makes me feel 20 pound lighter, as long as I don't look in the mirror. LOL

the wild magnolia said...

We all have a sense of when we need to change up and simplify.

I am so happy you are doing well.

Country Girl said...

Good for you, girl. Very good.

Daryl said...

sounding good ... loving the whole attitude!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Change can be good but hard. The other day I had to crawl under one of my bigger looms and had a very hard time getting back out. I know the day will come when I can no longer weave on them but I worked so hard to get them. I am not ready to let go.
I love your house of looms and cats!
Hope you are feeling better each and every day!

Karen said...

IT's all good, my friend.

And that house.. is just a beautiful old home. I hope it's part of what you keep. Maybe make it the main residence? Sell the intown version?

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts