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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to work

Orderless, no more.
It never lasts for long.
And while I enjoy the slower pace for awhile, September brings tax bills.   I am happy to have an order that will pay for them.

So we have 85 lbs of fabric to prep.  It may take longer to get it all ready, than it does to weave it.
But the weaving will be so much more fun.

Ay caramba.

First it all has to be cut.

Then we make 'skeins' so that when the fabric is dyed,  it doesn't come out a tangled mess.

Do you know that 85 lbs of fabric is a FREAKING  LOT of fabric????

All in all, it was a pretty boring day.  But you have to have them......boring, humdrum, getting it done kind of days.  
The prep work at Crazy as a Loom is sometimes staggering.  We cut, and dye, and sew.  There are socks, and jeans, and tons of fabric just waiting to be prepped for the loom.  It takes up a lot of our time, but it has to be done.
Otherwise, we wouldn't get to weave the fun stuff.
And we want to weave the fun stuff.

Like these chair pads.

And these mug mats.
And tons of other stuff.

Miss Puss says:
"That looks like WAY too much work."

Sometimes I think Miss Puss knows something I don't.
Ya think?


claudia w said...

I am hoping that soon I will be doing some prep work for some rugs. If all goes to plan, I will be picking up my loom next month. The rest of this month I have to concentrateon moving rooms around so I have space for the loom!

Anonymous said...

She's pretty cute and coy looking in that photo! purrrrrr.

Karen said...

I like that color combo!

Rubye Jack said...

I'm with Miss Puss--lazy and content with doing little. :)

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts