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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday

From studio

Friday was my middle daughter's birthday, but we didn't celebrate it until Saturday.
And we opted for simple.
Family. Potato Salad. Macaroni salad. Homemade guacamole. Tossed salad. Corn on the cob.
A ginger edamame salad made by Morgan, that was to die for.
I'll have to get her to give me the recipe....she made it up, I hope she remembers!
From studio

Burgers. Hot dogs. A white cake with peanut butter frosting, made by Mom, and ordered by the birthday girl herself.
And presents, of course.
Some people were beside themselves with excitement.

From studio

In fact, some people remind the rest of us what is the most important. Loving each other. Being together. Laughing. Talking. Celebrating family, feelings that last.
From studio

After the hectic week, it was joyful to be with them.
When my daughters were growing up, three of them almost 7 years apart, people used to say....."oh, they won't be close when they grow up, too many years between them."
Well, that is so not true.
They are as close as any sisters you have ever known.
When they talk, they anticipate what the other is going to say next. The way they look at each other, their secret little jokes, their nitpicking, their genuine emotion.....they are three peas in a pod, even grown up. In fact, more so, than when they were growing up.
Sometimes I look in the mirror, and say good GAWD, how did I get this old??? Where DID my looks go???
But then......I look at these faces I love so much.......

From studio

and I don't care one whit about how I look.
It took me all these years to get here, to get them.
Success has many faces.
I love the face of mine.


Lynda said...

I love it too! After spending a delightful day with my kids and grandkids....I can only count my
blessings too!!!! What a joy family is.

Country Girl said...

The last paragraph is beautiful, as are the photographs of these lovely children.
Hope you have a good week, Hilary.

And I also hope you get that recipe so you can share it with me. Sounds like something I'd love.

Tiggeriffic said...

Children and Grandchildren are a blessing from God.. He loves us so much..
My son, Rich is here today to pick up Kelly who has been here for 6 days and is dropping off John who is 13.. He will be staying until next Sunday.. Emily was here first she is 9.. I only take each child for 1 week. I love having them here and then it's nice when they go home.. The beauty of being a grandparent is they come and then they go home..
Your grandchildren are so beautiful and such excitement was at your house. Birthday's are so fun~!~! I'm now 1/2 way to 132.. I'm not getting older I'm getting more valuable..
Glad you had a great Sunday~!~! you are blessed~!~!

Anonymous said...

I have never met you but I pretty much know that you are beautiful inside and out. What a joyful day you had!


Karen said...

What a terrific post, awesome, really. It's clear that you've come through alot and you are beautiful in more ways than one. That sounds so sappy coming from a virtual stranger, I know. BUt.. well, great post.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Aww you are just the greatest!

Lili said...

Love the sweet and total girlie-ness captured in these beautiful images. My tummy is still thinking about a white cake with peanut butter frosting though, that sounds really good at this late hour tonight! ~Lili

Sharon said...

I'm behind in reading blogs, and this one was just a breath of fresh air. I so agree. Those happy uncomplicated faces are priceless!

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Because every thread counts