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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Plan B

I had a call today from a lady who wanted to make the "gumball rug", but after talking to her for a minute, I was moved to ask her, "Do you weave?" Her answer was, "Uh,"
So I got to thinking about that. These gumball rugs are so unique, and such fun, but just like weavers wanting to weave their own, other crafters would want to make the rugs themselves. Thus, an "aha" moment. You just never know where they are coming from. So, I have added the option to "braid" the chains of loopers, instead of winding them on a shuttle and weaving them. I have two bags here, waiting for me to drink my tea, and get at them. I need to make the rug in the braided rug fashion, so I can put it on my web site, and show you the finished product.
I have long read people's ideas on the recycling of "thrums"......every time I cut a rug off the loom, and every time I cut the fringe on a rug, I have those little pieces of rug warp. I admit, I have been guilty of throwing them out. Until just recently. I had been watching the birds outside the studio, where I have several feeders, and I had suet hanging, as well. The suet was long gone, and the little cage that holds it was hanging there. And I got to thinking, why not put all those threads in that little cage, and let the birds use them to make their nests. I would certainly have the most colorful bird nests in town.
So, here it is!
More fabric coming next stay tuned. I will try to get the samples on my web page as soon as possible.

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