Crazy as a Loom

Saturday, July 8, 2023


The heat and the humidity are tough everywhere.   I am not sure why 
people cannot relate this to global warming.   I saw a post that said yesterday was the 
hottest day on record, and the next hottest was the day before that, and the next 
hottest was the day before that!!!
Seems pretty clear.

I have been working inside for the most part, with quick forays to do things
outside, but nothing heroic.

On the medical front, (I believe at my age the medical front is never
ending, just saying) I have been notified by my doctor 
that my iron levels are in the toilet, which
 may account for my extreme fatigue.

And here I was blaming Covid that I had at Christmas.
So I am waiting for the hospital infusion center to call me to go in
and have an  IV iron experience.

I tried the oral kind, and that didn't work well.   I had extreme stomach cramping for days.

The big question is though: 
Why is my iron so low?????

I think it's because I am a vegetarian, and this past year, I have not been very 
good about my diet.
I had reasons.

This is Lois's work, but she is in the hospital, and hopefully will be back at it soon.

We are quite the pair.

I have done some weaving, and quite a bit of sewing.

This is a ruana in hand dyed merino wool and silk.

I love the draft.

I have been eating a lot of caesar salads, with portobello mushrooms.  It's one 
of my faves.

My sweet little Naya has been struggling with anxiety for months now.

At first it was just fireworks, and that has been the case since day 1.  But then 
she started having little panic attacks daily.  We could not figure out why.
Shaking, pacing, panting, drooling.

I had a med for "fireworks", but it didn't prevent them from happening, 
just took the edge off while they were.
So back to the vet, and she's been on Prozac now for quite a while.
The attacks have lessened, but they haven't totally gone away.

I didn't want to give it to her twice a day, but at some point I may have to.
It's horrible to see her in such distress.

Once again, can I just tell you how weaving has been such a life
savior to me.

I still get up in the morning, and I can't wait to get to it.  There is no way 
to even describe how comforting it is to me.   Only another weaver would get it, I guess.

I do have to get back to the dye work........maybe after I get pumped up with some iron.

Plugging along here in Kingsbury..........checking in.  
I don't really have any words of wisdom today.........some days are just that way.


Boud said...

My Indian friends who are vegetarian for religious reasons swear by beets for iron. I guess it helps if you like beets!

Joanne Noragon said...

My doctor had me eating iron, too. After a while I told her I hoped it had worked because I was through taking it.
I really like that blue check fabric. Flying W's, I always called the drafts; that's what they acted like for me.

Rita said...

So sorry about Naya! I hope a solution can be found so she is less stressed. Poor baby!

So glad you have your weaving. Too bad Naya can't weave--lol! ;)

Hope your infusion goes well and you get more energy. Have a lovely week. :)

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Because every thread counts