Crazy as a Loom

Tuesday, February 9, 2021


For a long time, I've been wanting to play with this technique of laying threads in the shed, to make a tapestry type of design in the weave.   I put a linen warp on, but for some reason, the linen kept stretching and giving me fits, and my patience was sorely tried.
So much so, that I cut it off, before I got very far.

I plan on doing more of it, on a cotton warp.

I woke up this morning thinking that "this too shall pass", and my next thought was, "when?"

It's definitely exhausting, this world of ours.  I see it in the faces of family and friends, I hear it in their voices.  We do what we can, and what we are supposed to do, and we wonder if we will see out way clear of it.  I try to imagine a world where we don't wear masks, and it's not easy.

I find myself being more and more a hermit.  I put off going to the store, I find every excuse not to go.
When I finally am almost forced out the door, I combine errands, so I don't have to go again for a while.  It's beginning to worry me. :)
I miss those day trips, rides through the country, eating lunch out,  good conversation.   They seem so long ago.

I find myself thinking and dreaming of people long gone,  people I have loved who are no longer in my life.   I guess as you get older you have to get used to that, at least that's what my mother told me.  But somehow I guess I never believed it.

I thought my parents would always be here.  I thought my friends would always be at the other end of the phone.  I find myself being very pensive about it all, and sad.   
I don't have to like it, and sometimes I just find myself being really angry about it.

Believe it or not, I am still finding things to get rid of.  I evicted nearly 20 items yesterday, and they 
were well received by someone who needed them, wanted them, when I didn't.

My last flock of chickens are laying up a storm.......I gather a dozen, or more, eggs every day.  I have so many eggs, that some days I have no idea what I am going to do with them all.

I suppose I could get rid of some of the hens, but I really love them all, and I am pretty sure that this will be the last time I raise chicks.........  I've raised them twice now, and it's very time consuming, and I was worried about them for the first 12 weeks of their lives.

I just ordered some "scary tape" recommended to me by a fellow chicken scare off the hawks, I hope it works.  I really don't want to chase another one out of the run with a stick.

Today it snowed almost all day, but late afternoon, it finally cleared, and the sun shone.

It does make one hopeful.


deodar said...

I think I know just how you feel, to make it worse here in Wisconsin the warmest it has gotten is the single digits since Friday the fifth and it doesn't look like it's going to get any better for another week or so. Once I come in from doing animal chores and thaw out I really do not want to go outside again! I live alone and today a neighbor called, the first human I talked with in 6 days. I, too am becoming more hermit like, sometimes I feel like I'm just biding my time - for what I don't know. You're right, this too shall pass and yes, it sure would be nice to know when!

Corny said...

Love your table runner! ❤️

Ellen D. said...

I know how you feel. The day flies by and it is hard sometimes to remember what I actually accomplished during the day! At least you have your lovely weaving as proof that you are productive and busy!
Hang in there!

Carol said...

I feel the same way about everything you noted, including holding off going to do errands until I really have to. The days seem to flow in and out and I lose track of what day it actually is. Last night i realized it was Wednesday when I somehow thought it was Monday. We had a snowstorm Sunday and another yesterday, so I will chalk it up to that. We are all going on to a year of this so no wonder we are all overwhelmed, which puts it mildly.

Valerie said...

I've had many of the same thoughts. It's been a long year with this pandemic & politics. And have felt like I was scraping the bottom the past couple weeks.
I finally did a grocery run this AM & came home with what might be a excessive amount of fresh produce. Now I'm feeling on the upswing: just made up a recipe for homemade hummus w/ serrano peppers, maple syrup, & smoked sweet paprika. Yum!
Cleaned the fresh beets & will saute the greens to go with parsnips & potatoes for dinner. Maybe make a roast beet salad tomorrow.

Joanne Noragon said...

Never thought we'd live like this, cowed by something we can't even see. And we could get so damned discouraged we just go out and catch Covid and die. But then we'd put so many good people to so much trouble, that idea is dismissed. So we just keep on slogging, day by day. Sort of like the Blitz in London. The Great Depression, all over the world. World War 2, ditto.
I used to think I needed to call my mother, and I should go down the next hall and pick up the phone and make the call. And somehow it doesn't happen and that's OK, too. I have so many friends who have died, and that dream does not happen with them.

Rita said...

I think a lot of people are feeling similarly. We are going through grief--the loss of our familiar lives.
Those weavings are so pretty! Comforting.
You do have a lot of eggs!! I hope you explain that hawk tape to us. :)

Angela Tucker said...

My life was pretty difficult before Covid. My husband's stroke, my father's death. Covid did not improve my lifestyle. LOL If it makes you feel better, I'm one of the "go to town twice a week" people. And yes, every errand is planned and plotted. No one is allowed to alter my route without a set of angry eyes going on my face. LOL I thought that all this extra time at home would accomplish two things. 1) My house would be really clean. 2) I would complete lots of sewing and craft projects. No and no. Some days are spent sitting in a chair with no real thoughts. The only way I know what day it is would be because Wednesday is trash day. I tell myself that I can do this. So far, so good. Hang in there.

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Den said...

Hello, I really can't visualize how you are threading and treading your loom to get these designs. Can you enlighten me?

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts