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Monday, June 3, 2019


First things first, the recipes.

I will definitely make the banana nut muffins again.   They were a hit.

I think you can enlarge these, if not, I found it on Pinterest.  Or just go to the source,

The rice dish....well, that was flying from the seat of my pants........but here goes.

Hilary's Rice Concoction.

I steamed a whole head of broccoli with a good handful of asparagus.  I also threw in some frozen peas....another handful.
Don't you love the measuring devices I use.

In the meantime, I threw in a stick of butter.....less if you like, into another sauce pan, when it melted I threw in half an onion, chopped, and then a cup of orzo.
When they looked cooked, the orzo was brown,  I added three chicken bouillon cubes, one cup of regular rice, and four cups of water.
Brought it to a boil, turned it down, cooked it covered for 20 min, or until water was absorbed.
I had drained my veggies, and put them in a large not overcook.
When the rice mixture was done, I added the veggies to the rice, threw in some shaved parmesan, but truly I think any cheese would do, you don't need much. (If you want to pass on the cheese, you could use nutritional yeast here, for a cheesy taste)  Salt and pepper.
Mixed well, threw in the oven about 325 for maybe 45 min........and that's it.   I ate it for two nights, and put some in the freezer.

Most things I do not write down, and my kids have often been fond of saying that I make "mystery" things, especially soup.....and they have actually warned their friends not to like it too much, because you'll never get it again.
But occasionally, if I like it a lot, I will scratch it on some paper and save it.

I also like simple dishes, without meat obviously, so this one fills the bill.

On the home front, I have been feeling very overwhelmed.   DH is having some health issues, that are 
stressing me out, probably more than they are him.
I have tried to let go of it, and I've realized that none of my worry will change a thing.
So then......back to one day at a time.  Lists help, they do.
I make a a list each day, of what I want to accomplish, even a more general list for the whole week, and I try to keep my eye on those chores.
I do what I can:  talk to the doctor, keep an eye on DH, be a nurse/friend/source of support, but ultimately, I know it is out of my hands.
If I don't get hold of myself, I will be an emotional wreck, and what sense does that make??
You cannot see the future, no matter how hard you try.
Thus, you cannot prepare for it.
Even though you think you should.

I also am preoccupied with my friend who is at the end of her life.
We have been friends since we were in preschool, she has been my best friend.  She was there for me through a tumultuous alcoholic marriage, and I'm not sure I could have extricated myself without her.
She was a huge part of my life growing up, and through our adult years, we have never lost touch for very long.  She is one of those friends, that you can just pick up the conversation as if you never left it.
On the other hand, she has smoked for 50 years.....and over the years, I have harassed her, begged her, reasoned with her, all to no avail.
In addition, she has been an obsessive Pepsi consumer....up to two six packs of 16 oz bottles daily.
Again, nothing I said made any difference.
She is possibly the most stubborn, hard headed individual I've ever known.
It certainly isn't that she doesn't get it, she's smart and talented. 

But I've always suspected that she didn't value herself enough to change anything.  
Now her lungs are done, her kidneys are finished, two strokes later, and she will not be here much longer.
Visiting her over the weekend was torture for me, to see her that way.

So  deep sadness for her, to see her losing her life, to know that I will never see her again.

Worry about DH, who has his own path to walk.

Because DH is not well, there is very little he can do around the house.  So I look outside and see the weeds growing, and the place looking haphazard, and I obsess about that, as well.
My poor brain.

He does mow on the rider, and gets the bulk of it done, but all the cutting in does not get done.   Clumps of bamboo aka knotweed, grow here and there.   My neck will not allow me to do what I desperately want to do, which is to go out there and reek havoc on the offending all day until I am sweaty and dirty and exhausted.
Ah, but that's what I did 20-30 years ago.
Things have changed, eh?

So yesterday morning, I walked the labyrinth, in my bathrobe, at 6:30 a.m.   It was lovely and cool, but of course, the weeds that were sprouting up in between all the pebbles got my attention, and I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how I would possible prevent and/or address the takeover of weeds in my beautiful stone circle.
So I pulled a few, here and there.
And it dawned on me.........if I were to walk the labyrinth every morning, I could accomplish a couple of things.  I could pull a few weeds, and I could center, and focus, and pull myself back together each day.  A little at a time.....the weeds, and me.

And as far as the bamboo goes, so what?  Let it grow in little islands here and there.  What earthy difference could it make???
Live, let live.
Taking things one bite at a time, small bites, do what you can, and give the rest up.

I'm going to be ok.........I am.

I hated this green on the loom, but all put together, it is much nicer than I expected.

My real weaving success this week came in the form of "mystery soup"........
I used up a basket full of bobbins left over from other projects.....

For this ruana

It is light and drapey and I love it.

I was sure it would sell at the show we are getting ready for next weekend.....but it already sold off my FB page, and today it is on its way to SINGAPORE.

For real.

Today is oil change for the Subaru.

Yesterday I hauled out my kayaks, and scrubbed them both down.
It was on my list.

Thank God for lists.

We will be busy getting all our stuff ready for the show, and packed up; making sure everything is marked and priced, etc.
Then we will pray for good weather on Sunday the 9th, for the Beekman Street Fair, in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

It was a great show last year, I can only hope it will be this good again.

But wait, I'm doing one day at a time.  So today right?   Stay in the day.



claudia said...

I can only offer good healing thoughts for you and those you love who are going through hard times. You are a warrior Hilary. I learn so much from you with each post.
Thank you for sharing the recipes, I will definitely give them a try!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Thanks for sharing your rice concoction. It sounds wonderful. Your weaving is glorious and that dark green ruana is delightful. I'm so sorry your friend is terminal. It's not easy. Hope your DH recuperates as much as he can and that you can continue along your way. You inspire me with your determination to keep going no matter what.

Bovey Belle said...

I've been doing that with path weeding (though I swear it grows back just as fast). I am 67 now and realizing I can't even do what I could last year, but hey ho, I still keep busy.

I am so sorry to hear about your dearest friend being on a downward spiral. I lost my best friend (since 5 years old) 2 years ago and still miss her so much. I keep going to pick up the phone to talk to Trish and then realizing she is no longer there. I think I accepted her demise in the months leading up to it, and grieved before she went, but she has left such a hole in my life. We could tell each other anything and not be judged and had no secrets from one another. Some experiences were just us two and the memories seem frail now. Friends like that are few and irreplacable.

Your DH must be frustrated that he was no longer the helpmate he was, but I am sure you both pull together in harness as much as you can.

Love your weaving, as always.

Joanne Noragon said...

I am sorry to hear of the state of your best friend.That's a seriously hard friend to lose. And I'm sorry you and your husband must come to grips with diminishing ability. I hope you make decent adjustments.

Sojourner Design said...

So many thoughts here, but I'll limit myself to one. Have you considered one of those torch things to burn the weeds? I don't think they're very heavy and don't involve bending down or anything strenuous. I agree... it doesn't sound like the knotweed is your battle at present.

Rita said...

So sorry to hear about your friend and the hubby. It's difficult when you wish there was something you could do to change things but you can't. Just love them and be there for them...and keep as busy as you can while you let the rest go.
Love and hugs from the Fargo lurker

Karen said...

I cannot fathom consuming that much pepsi in a day, let alone regularly. I'm so sad to hear of your friend's illness, what a lovely friendship journey you've had together. As hard as it was for you to be there this weekend, she was surely comforted by your presence. Saying a little prayer for your husband's health woes too - And you're so right about worry - I have this on my fridge - Worry is like a rocking chair - it will give you something to do, but it won't get you anywhere.

As for the bamboo - we have a huge stand of it in our neighbors yard just across the street - about 30 yards from my front door. WHo cares!

That wrap going to Singapore? OMG it's beautiful!!...

Thank you for sharing the veggie rice recipe.


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