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Friday, November 24, 2017

Just this.

The guild show is over, and it was a very successful venture.   My stock of towels and möbius shawls is much depleted.

There are only 11 towels on my shelves, only because I didn't finish them in time to take them.

These turned out extra large.

DW aka Dirty White Boy, has warmed up to us quickly.
He now follows me around the yard, lets me pet him, and in the morning, he is at the door at 6am with the other two, waiting for breakfast.

He's very bony, and very obviously has not been neutered, but it's in his future, trust me.

Today I came in from outside, turned around, and he was in the dining room with me.  He must have scooted through the door before it closed.
Thankfully, I got him outside before the three girls INSIDE saw him.
I think there would be war.

This is my new wall hanging, I have it over the couch.   I bought it from a fellow weaver, at the guild show.
Those are twisted paper leaves hanging from the top.   I love it.

I put together a warping trapeze, with L's help.  We tried putting a warp on with it, but I did a lousy job of spreading the warp in the raddle, and we finally gave it up.

We'll try it again one of these days, and hopefully we will have better luck.

New warp on the AVL, this is going to be shawls.

My time weaving baby wraps has come to an end.  It was nice while it lasted, but new regulations are making it impossible for small businesses like mine to make any money.  The testing requirements are expensive and, in my opinion, cumbersome.
Too much trouble.
2018 is going to be a year of weaving just what I want.

I got sucked into the baby wrap world, it was fun for a while, but exhausting, too.
It's not what I want in my life right now, so the regulations have really made it easy to bow out.

Quiet days, weaving in my studio, that's perfect.

I don't really need much, I don't really want much.
I have a great family, and good friends.
I love my home.
I have lots of toys in my studio to keep me occupied and focused.

My "wish" of course, is a headache that I can live with.
That's all.
It seems so simple.

But I know that it's not.


Twylla Alexander said...

I love the photo of the mirror with your Wish sign hanging from a hook, sunlight pouring in. Congratulations on a successful guild show! Your blog inspires me so much that I revived mine ( Like you said in one of your posts, blogging makes you observe. Me, too. Thanks!

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Hillary. Your weaving is beautiful. I don't think I could use your towels. What if they got dirty? LOL

There is something about food that will soothe a savage beast. LOL When we rescued our Moto, we were told that he didn't like to be pet, didn't like snacks, and wouldn't sit on anyone's lap. Well, he seemed very thin, so of course I made sure that he got plenty to eat. Well, now I can't get him off my lap, he is constantly putting his tail up to get pet, and he can tell time better than I can. LOL It's 4 am, time to eat!

I hope that your day is filled with quiet.

Peg Cherre said...

I particularly love the triangle and circle towels. The weave pattern seems simple, but I'm betting they are both more than 8H. Or am I wrong?

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family, and you?

Unknown said...

Congratulations on a successful show, your weaving is beautiful. I am so happy to see that you are continuing to help cats in need, I love visiting your blog.

Daryl said...

congrats on selling out and for opting out due to aggressively annoying 'regs' ... and hooray for DWB joining the ranks of your much loved rescues

Karen said...

DW is a lucky boy! I'd adopt him if my dogs would allow it. One of my four is very non-cat-friendly. Ugh.

Love the wall hanging - reminds me of autumn leaves beginning to fall in a forest.

Unknown said...

I LOVE the two weavings just below your kayak on a lake picture. Are they shadow weaves? I have been weaving for 12 years, and I'm approaching 70, and weaving is all I want to do now. I am lucky enough to have a loom, a dedicated studio, enough knowledge to be somewhat creative in my designs, but sometimes I see weavings, like yours, and I say to myself, "Oh that is beautiful, I sure would like to weave that pattern someday."

Rada said...

Hello, Hilary. Your circle pattern cuaght my eyes. I have been looking for ways to weave circles. Can you give some advice on drafting that pattern?
THank you,

Cathi Twill said...

Hi Hilary,
I LOVED what you said about the baby wrap world. I bumped into them about 10 years ago I think, close to it. But they were going into that regulations stuff and I couldn't see how I could pay all that, and I wasn't going to "pretend" I'm selling yardage - someone told me that the regulators know that trick. I thought it was really a shame, that it would have been great to have a market for large weavings. But oh well. I've entertained myself with weaving anyway. Best wishes. Cathi

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