Crazy as a Loom

Monday, August 14, 2017


Just to update, Miss Puss is doing fine on her insulin twice a day.  We've got a routine going on, and it's really not as hard as I expected it to be.

Sydney isn't concerned.

We had a family get together for my middle daughter's birthday.

It was just for lunch, but it was nice to spend time with my three girls.

Somebody loves her aunts.
  And they are smitten with her.

And now we have another for them to dote on.

I love the bunch of them.

On the way home, I spied an osprey nest on the telephone pole.......I wanted a better picture, but didn't want to bother them.

The first tomatoes of the year........heart be still.

So you know what we had for lunch, right?  yum.....nothing quite like it.

Good Compudobby had a bad processor, they are replacing it, upgrading it actually, and sending it back.
I needed to do something different about the placement of the computer, and how it hooks up to the Compudobby, so Lois and I switched the computer from one corner to the used to face the other way.....and the cord was in the way.
We thought, to be honest, that this was going to be a very difficult job, but it went very smoothly.
I don't think that there's much that L and I can't do, if we put our minds to it.
I'm going to turn the loom around, so the cord will be along the wall, and I'm going to put the tower in the cupboard.....I may have to take the door off.

I will be so excited to get the  Compudobby back and get weaving with it.

The bonus is that now I can look out the window from my desk.  Now why didn't I think of that before???

 This is my trumpet vine......I planted it here to hide the propane tanks........and believe it or not there's an arbor under it.   It has gone completely insane.   I hate to cut it back, and I know that I can't move it........decisions, decisions.
I will probably wait until the hummingbirds are done with it, then I will cut it WAY back.

I appreciate all your kind comments, and I'm especially pleased to hear that something I've said here has been encouraging, or in any way made your day better.

One thing that I learned in Al Anon years ago, is that sharing our experience, strength and hope is a powerful connection.

I dreamt that I was flying last night.   My mother, the psychic, always said that when you dreamt of flying, your soul had really left your body, and was flying free.  She said that sometimes you felt it when your soul returned to your body.
I can't predict it, but I dream of flying every now and then.  It's always spectacular, and I'm always disappointed to wake up.
I don't know if my mother was correct in her  evaluation, if indeed your soul leaves your body, or if maybe you are dreaming of a time when your soul did fly free.  It doesn't's an amazing feeling, and if that's what happens when we die, then I'm not afraid for a minute.
If that's what's in store for me, then the adventure awaits.

Sometime I'll tell you more about my psychic mother........she was a trip.


Karen said...

Would love to hear more about your psychic mother! Love that trumpet vine - how about just leave it? Except the spot where you need access to the tanks -

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family. I would like to hear about your mom, too. My husband says that I'm psychic, but I think that I just watch people more carefully than most and can see what they're not saying. LOL

I planted one cherry tomato plant, so no sandwiches for me. Sad face.

Love your view...I bet it makes your work go faster. Have a wonderful day!

Unknown said...

Does the trumpet vine grow from cuttings???? If yes Count me in!

Daryl said...

so i must get a photo of the arbor and trumpet vine that took it over its on a mall in the middle of Broadway near the subway stop i get off at in the evening ... slight smaller than yours

your girls and grands look so much like you .. a good thing!!!

Janice said...

Your weaving is always an inspiration. I stopped weaving years ago and now machine quilt. I had been a weaver for 20 years, selling my stuff. I admire all you do.
I have dreamed of flying through the universe and wholeheartedly agree with you that if that is what it will feel like when I die, it will be a grand adventure indeed.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts