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Monday, April 24, 2017


Fairy egg.

Have you heard of one????

It's a misfire, basically....only a smidgen of yolk in it........

Grandkids are the reward for getting old.   Sometimes, I ignore some of the not so pleasant parts of my age, because they make sticking around  SO worth it.

Watching them grow up is such a gift.

I broke down and bought this book, I have wanted to read it for a while.
If you don't like satire, you might not like it, but I found it to be hypnotic .

It offered me an insight I didn't realize I didn't have.

This one was good, but disappointing at the same time.........I didn't feel like things were resolved at the end of it.
It was a little dark.

Every now and again, I am plagued by squirrels at my bird feeder.......and the last few days, I had a tag team of 4 squirrels trying to eat every last bit of black oil sunflower seed out of it.    I was sewing, so they were really aggravating me, jumping on the side of the house, and then up to the feeder.

So feeling kind of mean, I took the feeder in.

30 seconds later, there's this.

"Hey, what did you do with the food?????"

I gave up, and put it back.     Lunch for everyone!!!!

This is some cotton hemp that I just dyed, blue on blue.  It's my first experience with it, so I don't know if I like it or not.

My latest dinner obsession is a Caesar salad with a marinated, then grilled portobello mushroom on top.

Here's the blue being woven.....undulating twill........

My youngest daughter called, and asked me if I was busy.....could they come for the day.

Oh, heart be still.
I happily stop whatever I am doing........ for this.

Do you blame me???


C Reeder PhxAz said...

I like the blue on blue and reallynthink the weaving is gorgeous.

claudia said...

I can't believe how big Dale has gotten! I remember when she was born...wasn't that just last week???

Twylla Alexander said...

The blue is gorgeous! Your creativity is inspiring. 😊

Karen said...

oh those precious babes - and that blue hue - gorgeous!...

Restless Knitter said...

I was just reading (listening to the audiobook) of Ill Will. I can't bring myself to finish it. Perhaps it's just the audio version but there are parts where the writer uses "I said" or "she said" so many times that I felt like that was all I could hear. It was like - "The dog," I said, "ran through the woods", I said. "Oh", she said, "that was a fox" she said. (Those are not the actual words in this book.) It's still in my Overdrive app waiting for me to finish, but maybe I won't bother if the ending isn't good.

Vicky said...

I really don't have a bucket list per se- but grand babies someday would be the very top thing I'd long to have if I could!. My own kids haven't even left the house yet, and I get it!! And the blue caught my eye right away- gorgeous! It reminds me of the water and I can never get enough of that.

518Frenchgirl said...

Hi Hilary, Your grand kids are so adorable. That is a mighty big and super nosy squirrel. We have one that climbs the maple tree outside our bedroom window and peeks in our window in the morning, so rude, always manages to wake us up! Your dyed yarn is working up really nicely, bet it's really soft. I have been hooking up a storm lately, going to a weekly hook-in in Rutland, so it keeps things productive. Hope to visit you soon. Marilou

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Because every thread counts