Crazy as a Loom

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


It's been an interesting week or so.

I have been working at getting rid of the rest of the big fabric rolls in the barn.   A friend/previous weaving student was out in the barn with me, going through them, and filling her car full.
I had a big warping board in the corner, and asked her if she wanted it.
She did.
I reached for it,  it seemed stuck, so I gave it a yank.  Unfortunately, the edge of it was behind a chair that was hanging from the wall.  The chair came down hard, and hit me in the left cheekbone, knocking me back.  I staggered, but did not fall, and in that moment I was sure my orbit was fractured.
My face was cut and bleeding, I managed to get out of the barn and into the house

I was in quite a bit of pain, and eventually DH took me to Urgent Care, where I got my face sutured up, got a tetanus shot, and had my face x-rayed.  The X-rays were negative.

Needless to say, I woke up the next morning with a swollen face, and a huge shiner.  The next couple of days were a blur.  I honestly felt terrible, and couldn't get out of my own way.

A few days later, I came to, and have been improving ever since.

Of course, the whole event scared me, we all know what happened the LAST time I hit my head.

Anyway, Circles baby wrap in reds and browns is done.
 I am very pleased with it.

I am concentrating on keeping my focus, and my focus is weaving.

I am not interested in drama, or competition, or anything that I find wasteful and frivolous.   There is so much of that going around.  I simply can't be bothered.

Life is too short, I treasure every good moment I have.  I'm not giving it up for nonsense, or for a falling chair.
Nope, neither one.


LA said...

That is one lucky baby getting wrapped in that!!! And, the Momma wearing it will be a lucky lady, too! BEAUTIFUL!!!! Sorry about your head...again.

Dizzy-Dick said...

So sorry to hear that you got hurt. Not a good thing to do.

claudia said...

Hilary, you scare me. I suppose I miss out on a lot of things being over cautious, but I haven't had any major boo boo's. I guess there in lies the rub. Be cautious: lose out, thrown caution (lightly) to the wind: have more fun! I really don't think you literally throw caution to the wind, maybe you are just more ambitious than I.
Speedy nice to yourself!

Sharon said...

I love your baby wraps and am impressed by how long they are. They're really popular everywhere - not sure why since soft front carriers have been around for eons. They're a lot prettier, that's for sure! I was pulling bins down from a high shelf in the garage and the voice in the back of head said it was risky. You remind me why!

Cindie said...

Oh yikes - so sorry about your owie - and so glad it wasn't worse.

Love that baby wrap - the colors are incredible.

Daryl said...

holy guacamole ... glad you didnt end up with more than a shiner ...

Karen said...

Ugh, glad the injury wasn't worse! *** perhaps your neck/brain/skull alignment has been righted once again though? one can always hope.

Anonymous said...

Hilary, you really must be more careful! Very happy to hear that your accident was not as bad as it could have been and that you are recovering. Love the new baby wrap, great colors and draft. Please take care of yourself. Pets for Roy boy.

Carol said...

As soon as I read the words, gave it a yank...I knew it was not going to go well. A yank never does! So glad you did not break anything. Agree life is so short, no time to compete or the dramas that can be so present in life. Just weave and love on those around you and that pupper! Heal quickly!

alice DeVries said...

Oh My!!! Geez! Gotta keep you in the house I guess.
Glad DH took you to the urgent care, before you got your own needle and thread out "to save time and fuss".
Sending you Blessings for a quick recovery! I'll have to stop by and ogle the damage😉💐

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Ooh dear, I'm all too familiar with those unexpected accidents and how your life changes in an instant.
So very glad, it was nothing worse than a few stitches and a black eye, we do seem to take risks :)
The fabric is simply gorgeous.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Thinking you need to weave some sort of protective garment to wear over your head. Goodness, so glad it wasn't worse.

Catherine said...

Hillary, I hope that the two negatives will make a positive...or is it the other way around? Anyway, I'm hoping you are feeling better and will be well from here on out. I love your handwoven articles.

Barbara said...

Wow. That's awful. That is the kind of crazy stuff that happens to me. Hope it is all better soon.

MarthaVA said...

I tell ya, I thought I was clumsy..... I hope you start being more careful. You surely can't afford to keep hurting yourself.

I think the baby wrap is gorgeous!

I think I can read between the lines when you talk about all the're right, you don't need that. Keep on weaving on!


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