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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Finally, a little break.........

 We did a little driving, but it was worth it.
This is Schoodic Point, in Maine.

The weather was perfect.

The colors were stunning.

It was still busy in Bar Harbor, and there were lots of people in Acadia, but it wasn't as bad as it was in August.

I had hoped to be able to have the famous popovers at Jordan Pond House, but they had closed "lunch on the lawn" the day before.

We could have eaten inside.

But who wants to go inside?? 

 It was a little overcast, but still incredibly beautiful.

 So instead, we sat on the lawn, enjoying the view.

 Besides, if we can't all eat inside, then we don't want to go.
We're a pack of three.  We stick together.

Right, Roy???


Deb said...

Aw -- cute post, Hilary. The trees are really looking their best right now in your area. Most of the leaves are down now here but we are still enjoying some colour. What a beautiful spot you visited. Well worth a drive, for sure.

messymimi said...

Happy Vacation to the three of you!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

The photos are amazing! I hope one day I will get to visit Maine. It's on the bucket list! Glad you are taking some time away. Wishing you three an wonderful vacation!

Daryl said...

hooray for the vacay!!!!!!!!!

Hilary said...

Aww Roy boy! :)

I'm glad that the colours held off for you. It looks beautiful there.. and I had forgotten about the Bubbles. Lovely.

Acorn to Oak said...


Karen said...

oooh, I love it. love the power of THREE, too :-)

Teri said...

Beautiful fall colors, I'm hoping to get to Acadia someday.

Teri said...

Beautiful fall colors, I'm hoping to get to Acadia someday.

MarthaVA said...

Thank you for sharing your Maine vacation with us. I wish I could get away, go north....I miss it.

I love that you're as loyal to Roy, as he is to you.


Country Girl said...

I can't believe how early they close lunch on the lawn.

So glad to hear you are having a wonderful time!

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Because every thread counts