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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hello there.

Busy, busy, busy.

I am so busy.  How did I ever find time to do nursing?  I'll never know.

Of course, two days a week, I am loving my time with baby Dale.  She is on the move, and she has my heart in her fat little hands.  
Back in the winter, when I told my daughter I would watch the baby two days a week, until she is a year old, I wondered.   Would I be able to do it, with my HEAD????
Would the headaches allow me to do it??  Would it all be too much???

I won't lie to you, there have been mornings, when I didn't feel as good as I would have liked.
But I managed.  And for the most part, it has been just fine.
It means so much to me that I have been able to do this for my daughter, and it has been a very special time, to be with this lovely little girl.  
I am so grateful.

I think back to my three surgeries, and marvel that I am here, and able to experience this little

And I don't even mind that I sing Sesame Street songs for days after I see her.
It's ok.
I like Elmo.  I do.

The studio is undergoing some change.
The side yard is all fenced in now, for Roy.

 Black chain link, 5 ft high, tensile wire along the bottom, two gates.  It is very nice looking, and blends in well.

Roy is one spoiled boy.

I am moving everything weaving related out of the living room, to make it more comfortable for us when we stay there.
It's all about downsizing, and evolving.

I guess it's a lifetime process, this evolving thing.

 I am hoping to have an OPEN STUDIO TOUR, and a SALE, this fall.  I have way more yarn and thread than I will ever use.

Time for a cuppa tea, and some of that yummy glazed lemon zucchini bread I just made.  
I'll let you know how it is.


Country Girl said...

Baby Dale looks like such a delight. Roy deserves to be spoiled. And you do, too. xoxo

Dizzy-Dick said...

wooo-weee, that lemon bread looks good!!

Deb said...

I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying Baby Dale so much. I, too, have such a fun time with little Gwynn. We are lucky ladies, aren't we Hilary? Now....I want some of that bread. Hugs

Theresa said...

Baby Dale- adorable, Ray - lucky and what a nice fence. I always liked the black. Yummy looking bread too.
How did the tests go? Any results back and any relief in sight for the head?

thotlady said...

A very nice post. Roy is very lucky as are you to have this time with Dale. Cute as a button.

Susan said...

Look at those little teefers! She is adorable! I sure hope I can make it up for your open house and sale. And I would love the recipe for that bread! OMG it looks delicious!!!

Karen said...

oooh, if it's good, I'd love the recipe.

And I am so thrilled for you to moving to the studio.. roy will love that beautiful yard.

Dale is just a cherub! What a happy face!

Vicky said...

Ohhh- you had me at the sight of Dale and then the bread? I am salivating double time! I also would love the recipe if it tastes as good as it looks :)

You're pretty amazing in how you choose to live fully, despite not always feeling up to it- I so get you and admire you just the same.

Daryl said...

she is adorable .. and i wouldn't mind a slice or two of that loaf with some nice coffee ...

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Because every thread counts