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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Colors that work.

OK, so I was wrong.   The big rug is actually ok, not what I would want for myself, but it's ok.  I have to hem the ends yet, they are just pinned, but I was really anxious to see what it was going to look like, and I wanted to measure it.
Measuring a custom rug is always a tense isn't easy to get the length exact.
All you weavers know what I'm talking about.

 It's 48"x102", and it's going to California.   I guess the colors work, kinda.

Not the best photo, with my iPhone.

We add 20% to the desired length.  That sounds like a lot, but it's not.  The threads go up and over the weft,  which has to be accounted for.  And the warp is stretched tight while we are weaving, so when the tension is taken off, the warp  relaxes, and the rug shrinks.   When we put the rug down on the floor, we are always amazed that it has shrunk  20%.  
It also depends on how tight you crank the tension up and how hard you beat the rug.  Every weaver is different.  But we've found that 20% works for us.

We've got a list of things to be done at the studio that will keep us busy for a while.  But it's all good.
Being able to do the things I want to do is such a gift, even if I have to take breaks to get them done.

Right now I have some rhubarb crisp in the oven.  I have been very good lately about eating a healthy diet, but a girl has to draw the line when it comes to rhubarb, don't ya think??
After all.


Country Girl said...

What? Rhubarb's not healthy? Say it ain't so!!

And hey, I think this rug looks great.

cb said...

Love the rug!

catingadae said...

I too love this rug!

claudia said...

Rhubarb is to healthy! It's healthy for the mind and soul. I kind of like that rug.

Susan said...

The rug looks marvelous...and Rhubarb is good for you, XOXO

Anna M. Branner said...

I am in agreement with everyone here. I love the colors of this rug. :) Do you find, since you use a temple, that your width is pretty true?

Laura in IA said...

I'm planning on splurging on rhubarb soon as well. I only have it in season, that's my rationale.

Melanie Hayes said...

It turned out great!

Christine said...

I love the colors in that rug! I wouldn't have chosen them, but they look fantastic together.

Reena said...

The rug is gorgeous and now you have me hungering for rhubarb crisp!

Cupcake Murphy said...

You are a genius rug maker.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts