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Friday, June 25, 2010


One evening, right before our 2nd hospital experience in a very short time, my friend Alice called, and we went for a walk.
Meet Alice.

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She wanted to show me the community gardens that she, and her significant other, are growing vegetables in this summer. At the end of this dead end street that leads to the gardens, there is this house that I couldn't resist. I tried to make it look like I was taking a picture of Alice, but in reality I wanted a shot of "the house that Jack built"......doesn't it remind you of that? An afterthought....oh, hey, let's put an upstairs in this house.

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The gardens were enclosed in a little wooded area, and very undisturbed. Isolated, really, in a maze of neighborhoods.
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I didn't know it then, but years ago, my husband launched a defense that saved these gardens from being used for development.
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He grew up here, so he is very protective of it.
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Just one of his good qualities.
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I think it is marvelous, that people who don't have a yard to garden in, can come here, and for a really NOMINAL fee, can use this space.
You can see, from this shot, how much they love to come here.
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It is true, that we only need a little space to call our own, to make us happy.
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Then we took Eddie for a long walk down by the river.
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I worry about him, he is 13 this July. He has aged so much this past year. But when it is time to walk, fuhgeddaboutit.
He is young for awhile. At least for the first half of the walk. Young in anticipation.
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There are people, kids, other dogs. There is fresh air, so many scents, a dog's dream.
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On the way back home, as the sun was sinking low, I took this shot. It is a neighbor, up on the hill......he is older, recently widowed. His family and friends come by a lot, they probably worry about him being alone. Tonight, one of them is sharing a beer, and a game of cards in this little shed behind his house.
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Gotta love 'em.
Thanks, Alice, for being such a dear one.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you really enjoyed your walk and probably don't have to ask if Eddie did. I wish Eddie and Missy could both live forever.

What a great idea that garden is!


LA said...

Digging around in the dirt is just a good thing to keeps us connected.

Theresa said...

Amen on the dirt digging, just ask Eddie! Beautiful pics and I'm glad you've got good friends. Now, an Eddie picture please! ;-)

Sharon said...

Amen to friends. I watch how my DIL is struggling to make new ones after moving six months ago from her lifelong home. Shame on us, if we ever take them for granted. I'm glad your Best Friend is on the mend. I think illness is more scary at this stage of the game anyway.

Karen said...

There is a new community garden in our town also, it's such a great place for people to gather and share and spend quality time.

Glad your husband is on the mend.

And WOW, what a wierd cute house!

Blissitydoodah said...

That's so sweet...the little old man playing cards in the shed :)
The garden is wonderful too.

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Because every thread counts