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Sunday, February 28, 2010

And good night.

From Crazy as a Loom

This is Ed. And Ed is tired.
I know just how he feels. It has been a long week. I got so much done. I am quite impressed with myself.
Getting stuff done makes a body feel good. Finishing orders, packing them up, and putting them out on the porch for the UPS man, is very satisfying. Having a list, and working my way through it just moves me.
But having a week lying blank in front of me is pretty incredible, too. Not that I will lie around eating bon bons. That isn't likely. But it will give me a chance to pick and choose what I want to do. This kind of freedom is usually short lived, so I love every minute of it while I can.
I might even take a day off, you can never tell.
But for now, a trip to the hot tub, right outside my back door, is in order. Possibly the best money I ever spent, I have had it for several years, dragged it here from my old house, and wouldn't trade it for anything.
It is a pleasant 103 degrees, and it is how I soothe and relax my aching back and shoulders after a day of weaving. There is a roof over it, so I can go in it even if it is snowing or raining, but it is still very much outside, and getting out there some nights is a very chilly trip. But I forget about the cold outside temps as soon as I am immersed up to my neck. This is where I usually unwind, and sometimes contemplate what I will do tomorrow. And from there, it is a short trip to bed, and an even shorter trip to dreamland.
And even though I didn't weave today, on my granddaughter's 5th birthday, the hot tub is still calling me loudly.
It would be rude not to respond, don't ya think??????


LA said...

Hop in that tub!!! What a wonderful evening to do that. Celebrate a successful week, and the love of family, friends and Ed. You're a blessed woman.

Anonymous said...

Would love a hot tub in the winter months. I say go for it.


Country Girl said...

It would be very rude not to respond.

When we stayed in Maine a couple of summers ago, we rented a place that had a hot tub. That tub was my saving grace every single day. We'd hike all day and I'd end up hurting. Those trails at Acadia National Park? On one, I began crying it was so hard. (Crying to myself, I'd never let anyone see. How embarrassing). But I knew that hot tub was waiting back at the cottage and all my hurts would go away. Lucky you with the tub, Hilary! Have a great week, too.

Kathi D said...

Loooooove my hot tub, too. Especially when it's cold outside. That dog is making ME sleepy!

KarenInTheWoods said...

I have the next best thing, a whirlpool tub inside the bathroom. Then I don't have to brave these cold snowy Wisconsin winters to sit in the tub!

JC said...

I love hot tubs ... only in the warmer weather though. Ours is out in the yard. Not covered.

Your dog is cute by the way !!!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I love Ed...he is too cool!
I also love that sofa! Beautiful...

And yes, it would be rude to not heed the hot tub's calling!
I watched the video in previous post. You are so gifted! Your Art just blows me away!
I have no talents like that!! But, I so admire yours :)

xo, misha

Sharon said...

I'd love an outdoors hot tub, though I do have a spa tub. Sometimes I just too tired for even that. My favorite hot tub belonged to my friends and was in the ground. I'd cross country ski to their house, put on my suit and sit in the spa with them. Going home after the hot tub was murder, yet I did it over and over - as soon as I'd forget~

ethelmaepotter! said...

Definitely rude! You must not ignore the calling of the hot tub!

I thought at first you were going for a Dr. Seuss-y feel: "This is Ed. And Ed is tired."!

I love the couch, too! It looks very much like the cute cottage-y one I wanted the last time we went couch buying, but which Fred absolutely forbade. Of course, I, likewise, absolutely forbade the manly black leather padded monstrosity with built-in recliners on both ends and cup holders in the arm rests that he wanted. Turnabout's fair play!

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