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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finished. In more ways than one.

Here are the finished rugs......three of them. I love this fabric. Did I say that already?
They are packed and on their way to Mesa, Arizona. Whew. I'll bet it is HOT out there.
I am going to make a few more like this.....the warp is on the loom, and there is plenty of fabric. And they are pretty. So why not?
Had the grandkids today, two of them. We spent the morning at the studio. They ran around the labyrinth for awhile, but then it started raining. It has been raining on and off here all week.
So they played inside til lunch time.

I did manage to get the Baby Wolf threaded for 8 harness towels, in a pinwheel pattern. I am not sure how, but I did. I think I zoned out.
We went home, to see if they could swim between the rain drops, but that didn't work out either.

They are hungry every second. And I know why they eat badly at meals....because they want to "graze" all day.
But Mimi doesn't go for that..........
I am into LUNCH, scheduled SNACKS, DINNER.
They go along with it, but not without a little resistance.
It helps to WARN them of what is going to happen. That seems to lessen the pain.

They don't look unhappy, do they?

So after getting rained out at the pool, they decided to watch cartoons for a while, to see if maybe the rain would stop.
I love having them. They are sweet children, for the most part.
But my ears are about to fall off. I swear they are on KID CRACK. They didn't shut up all day.
They were good, and they played great together, minus a couple of moments of discontent. But they have no VOLUME CONTROL.
Aren't they supposed to???
Or is it my increasing age?
The studio is pretty kid friendly......there are so many rooms, and so much "stuff " to make into imaginary play things. They come up with some pretty innovative scenarios to entertain themselves.
But some days, they are just exhausting. They are proof positive that YOUNG people should have children. Period.
I liked this shot.......I imagine Miss Puss saying....."hmm, should I lay on the sunglasses, or should I wear them?"
Ah, to heck with it, I guess I will just take a nap.

I am SO jealous.
I want to take a nap. I do.


Life Looms Large said...

Great rugs! (As always!!)

The picture of the cat napping in the bin is hilarious!!!

Lucky grandkids!!


Delighted Hands said...

I love the rugs!!!! You should post a video on YouTube...really. I laugh at your description of the grandkids-I tell my daughter that it is my ears that get tired first!

Country Girl said...

Yes, it's proof positive that only the young should have children! Ha! Sometimes I can't believe how busy and chattery young children are. Have you seen the paint commercial where the young couple is painting a room? Their kids are running all over and they're painting green on the walls. The wife says that she read somewhere that it's a very calming color. Next thing you know, there are the two children (who sounded like ten children) calmly sitting in the room reading books.
Cute kitty pic.

Lori said...

I so get you when you write of their talking so much that your ears are going to fall off..."Kid on crack"...too funny. And yes, it is so exhausting and it is why I too, have said this is why menopausal women my age are not suppose to be mothers of little here I am doing it anyways. Cute cat pictures.

Hilary said...

Those kidlets are just beautiful. Lovely, smiling faces. And who wouldn't give their prized possessions to be able to sleep like a cat? :)

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Because every thread counts