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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here is helper and apprentice. Does she look like she is having fun????? Because amazingly, I think she is. This girl loves to work! And she wants to learn it all.
At first I struggled with this concept.....having someone else do some of the work. Not doing EVERYTHING myself. But then I discovered something. If I teach her to weave and put warp on, and generally do what I do, then I suddenly have more time to do what I love. And as my friend, Chris, said.........this challenges me. To teach her to do this right, to be better at it myself.
I don't have to give her a work ethic though, she already has that. And it is refreshing.
She also helps me with the not so fun chores, like vacuuming......her back is younger than mine. And she is computer savvy about things that are Greek to me. So next week, we are going to do some inventory, and start putting stuff on the computer in a very organized way.
This is Kizzy, my feral kitten all grown up.......and he is a sweetheart. He seems to always want to test my rugs .........the minute I put the rug down on the floor to take a photo of it, he plops down on it, and gives me the "look". It is one of the few times he actually lies down where you can see him. He likes to sleep in nooks and crannies out of site. Miss Puss is always lying out in the open, but not Kizzy. Remnants, I guess, of the first 4 months of his life, when he lived out in the barn with his wild mother, and hiding was just the way it had to be. It takes him months to get used to anyone other than me. After 4 months, he finally decided to come out and jump up on my husband's lap, and now Bill just calls to him, and he comes out. I have warned Tammy.............he runs and hides, and plays very hard to get, he will take his time before deciding she is OK.
Today, we went to Albany, to see Jo graduate from the police academy. Jo is my youngest daughter's best friend, and my "adopted" daughter. Out of 64 graduates, she got the award for the highest academic average. If our DNA matched, I could not be more proud, or love her more. She is a very special girl, who is living proof that you create yourself by the choices you make.


Eulalia Benejam Cobb said...

I empathize with your struggles teaching someone else to do your work. One could possibly lose absolute control! But when it works out, it's wonderful. Good luck to you and Tammy.

Karen said...

Yes,Tammy looks like she is having fun, understandably so! Hope you both learn a lot, and accomplish much together. Love the kitty photo, why do they do that? Ours likes to play the game, too.

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts