Crazy as a Loom

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today I took the day off from the studio, even though I have lots and lots to do there. I am trying to put more balance in my life, and two grandsons, Nevinn who is 10, and Logan who is 8, are definitely inspiration for that endeavor.
They had asked me if they could go to the "maze".....which in fact isn't a maze at all, but a labyrinth.
We drove over to Harmony, in Comstock, NY, a nature sanctuary run by my dear friends Bonnie and Robin. When we got there, they took off down the path into the meadow, which was over their heads in a yellow blaze of flowers. I took my time, and enjoyed the quiet, the scenery, and eventually found a bench by a babbling brook, where I sat and waited for them to slow down. After a while, they did, and we went to the labyrinth. I entered it, and purposely began my walk, and I said to them, "Come in, and walk the path, and don't jump from one lane to another, and while you are walking, I want you to see if you can figure out what it means." Nevinn said, "I don't get it." They kept walking. I said, "Keep thinking." Finally, Logan said, "Mimi, I know what it means".....I said, "You do? What then?" He said, " It is where you find the center of your heart"..............I gasped. Then I smiled, and said, "Yes, Loge, you are exactly right, it is."
Some things are, in fact, priceless.

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